The Sublime Logic of Tariffs

Tariffs are like emotional relationships.

Whether married to mutual political ideals or just hanging tight with each other. Tariffs can mirror the quality and trust in relationships between countries. It examples in friendly politics between two sovereigns, as with Canada and the US. And like BFF moments, good tariffs foster fair and beneficial trade relationships that can support balanced economies and political maturity.

Of course, having common borders is the sweet spot.

NAFTA alliances share borders, language, fosters easy migration of labor forces and seamless integration of products and services. Born over time such economic relationships like this thrive. But then heartbreakingly examples like Brexit challenges that premise.

Even to the most ambitious finance/economist the relationships that energize tariff agreements is complex.

It’s true. We owe China a lot of money. So, give thought to the reasonings in how sublime satisfaction in negotiating good trade deals in exchange of goods and services, is a mighty influencer to how you do business. Think Shades of Mid Continental Nail.

If you’re a goods producer reliant on the smallest alterations in price of off-shore raw goods or exchange rates. This behavior deviance will change your bottom line or unit price increases to customers. Also consider this. Contractual agreements governing digital services are altered when mirroring exchange rate conversions that govern cross border intellectual property partnerships.

This is the perfect time to enlist BCSContent to evaluate change influencers and produce compelling digital media for your business.


Grant Peters’ Legacy


My Thanks to John Hopkins University and his cousin Sharon Walter for sharing this. Most of all my thanks to my friend, Grant Peters. He was a brave, strong, sometimes funny, and a loyal friend. Most of all he was the smartest man I will ever know.

On April 30, 2015, we began work on his idea of attending a John Hopkins post graduate program. On May 22, 2015 we completed the edits and submitted to Johns Hopkins University Advanced Academic Master’s Program in Biotechnology Enterprise and Entrepreneurship.

Collision 2018: Joseph Daniel’s FIGGO Defies Hyperpartisanship

You don’t expect to hear about politics or a personal story of love and cultural discovery at a tech conference. One of the largest tech conferences in the world Collision 2018 held so many surprises for this writer.

In a time of extreme cultural polarization and the constant chatter of sovereign isolationism. An American fell in love with an amazing woman, discovered a culture, and crafted a new business south of the border.  Joseph Daniels discovered a seriously outmoded Liquefied Petroleum Gas delivery system.

The incredible waste and shortfall in efficiency in the way Liquefied Petroleum Gas is delivered in Mexico ignited a brilliant concept that solves challenges of energy supply and demand. It’s called FiggoApp

It’s logical that only a son of a Detroit automotive family would recognize an opportunity to do a Liquefied Petroleum Gas delivery system logistic make over and craft an application that serves and conserves. Designed to serve LPG drivers and consumers, Figgo is elegant in its simplicity. Joseph Daniels is streamlining the outmoded logistics of delivering LPG or  Liquefied Petroleum Gas to poorly serviced areas. Ingenuity that works in real time.

During our conversation at Collision 2018. The epiphany that sparked the crafting of the application concept came clear in Joseph’s animated voice. He described the discovery of the culture of entrepreneurism in Mexico.  He explains that it’s a way of life that ignites the alchemy of innovative thoughts in others. The Figgo App became real with Joseph Daniels’ introduction of efficiency into an inefficient supply system. By curbing wasted fuel, it’s eco-friendly as well.

Blending these concepts within applications that serve an eco-friendly environment with the logistics of supplying LPG to driver and consumer is magic.

Being one of the largest Liquefied Petroleum Gas producers in the world it is the most important economic sector in Mexico. Figgo App steps in to support a healthier LPG economy. By reworking areas of the country’s current outmoded supply chain system. Figgo App crafts extreme functionality into an energy supply chain.  Joseph Daniels’ applications makes an LPG middleman more than stage craft. It’s the real story of how one man became the solution to an ignored problem.

The deliverance of efficient logistics and supply chain management proves that politics of “the other” holds no relevance in a world where love and entrepreneurship thrives.

“Logic dictated and satisfied the need to streamline an energy supply chain.” FiggoApp at Collision 2018


Collision 2018: Jean-Marie Grange and

The casual elegance in his approach distinguished him from the surrounding cacophony of Media Village in Collision 2018.

He introduced me to a nascent monetary model designed for digital content. I was eager to learn more about Because writers and authors are always looking for income generating avenues. And discovering a business that has stylishly scaled blockchain technology in a pay to read system is timely brilliance. And then at Collision 2018 I met its sophisticated Founder Jean-Marie Grange.  

Jean-Marie Grange has discovered a valuable niche. His cryptocurrency-based system of payment will quietly reshape how all digital content consumption and its creators will transact business. He calls it Nano-payments.

SME or subject matter experts and technical writers depend on quality curated data. This can be expensive.   The concept of pay per read is not new but affects directly cost effectiveness. delivers unexplored paths of income. The alchemy of the concept is simplistic in how digital publishers can transact donations, create subscribers from visitors, control payment outputs, and miraculously create quality data curation. All achievable within blockchain’s intrinsic transparency.

Blockchain technology as a system of payment is not new.

But making it scalable with little to no commitments is trendsetting. The need to read and use curated digital content from proven sources where where expensive subscription dues or purchase of the full work is a requirement.

What if you could pay pennies for needful content while having complete control over forecasting how much to spend.  This is the essence of, offering a world of digital content through the transparencies of blockchain technology.  With the power to curate exactly what you need for a fraction of the cost.

Adblockers can also affect publishers’ digital marketing return on investments. offers readers the experience of enjoying content for free or for a small fee read content ad free.

Blockchain technology naysayers please take note. The logical user growth in blockchain enterprises like is quietly reshaping payment systems architecture.

While listening to Jean-Marie Grange’s presentation, I understood with clarity how valuable the role this cryptocurrency concept will play and reengineer the monetization of digital content. I was surprised and pleased to understand that serves all digital transactions for books, blogs, encyclopedias, video streaming, music streaming, video games, and virtual trading cards.

As an investment tool, the trading value of cryptocurrencies often mimics the dramatic fluctuations of other nascent technologies. But its return on investment has become impressive in businesses offering the conveniences of using digital technologies are poised to do well.

Our Collision 2018 discussion was lively sometimes debating – but thoroughly enjoyable. I came away a fan.

“Accessing any content for a fair price made easy and convenient” ~

Collision 2018: A Sit down with a Jillionaire

A half day spent on watching his YouTube videos didn’t prepare me for the completeness of Christopher Leacock better known as Jillionaire the Trinidadian celebrity DJ and music producer.

As I watched Chris approach the Collision Media Village he seemed out of sync with the cacophony that defined the Collision 2018 technical summit.  The intensity of expression and the innate quality of separate seemed an aura.  So, my desire to script the essence of how Jillionaire crafts his art suddenly felt daunting.   I wanted to know what influencers shaped his world creating the global phenom of Jillionaire. Five minutes into conversation the agent of cultural change awakened

I wanted to know what thoughts and ideas lie behind the warm brown eyes and musical drive.

Born April 3, 1978 in Trinidad, it was a time of political upheaval. A government struggling toward cultural reform was the environment molding Chris’ social economic beliefs. Considering the social unrest that defined the small country since 1971 I wanted his opinion on Trinidad’s new political leadership. On the 19th of March 2018, Paula-Mae Weekes became the first woman to hold the office of President of Trinidad-Tobago. His honesty on the subject both surprised and pleased.

Chris voiced ideologies that millions in his generation embrace. Do away with the politics of marginalization, the inclusion, exclusivities, and the disparities dictated by earlier generations for far too long.  I realized that I was staring into eyes mirroring thoughts of the remolding of societies by the most perfect ways. Through music and art Jillionaire and others are the cultural architects shaping our future. This new generation disavows our need for Tribalism and politicizing marginalization.

Jillionaire’s embrace of global music and its creators’ examples

There’s a stream of awakening that has become a commonality energizing global musical sounds no matter the genre or language.  Christopher Leacock realizes that thoughts shape our worlds and spaces and that meme is reflective in his art. It’s also exampled in his choices of collaborations and new projects. He freely shares future works on his YouTube and Soundcloud channels.

Marginalization – no matter how politically needful must end to create true autonomy.

Jillionaire’s craft preaches about the needful things necessary to evolvement and a better more equal time in space. He spoke forcefully of the need to dispel the “isms” of race, religion, and gender.

Until we ignore the overworked political meme of marginalization, and its consequential exploitation, cultural tribes will remain. Making strife induced inequity and political tribalism the norm for generations.

During Collision 2018, I took away from my sit down with Jillionaire a confirmation of the quiet cultural revolution.


Collision 2018: Hot Tech Talk Stimulated in NOLA

The annual tech mecca descended on New Orleans in May 2018.  It was sensory overload, and this is a retrospect.

First time in NOLA, New Orleans Morial Convention Center, and a Collision tech event – I arrived prepared for the coming shocks and awe. Collision 2018 delivered the shocks and sweet NOLA immersed my awe in tasty food and personalities. My Fitbit logged a little over 11 miles in two days.

I didn’t think it possible to get so much diversity of technologies and an extensive list of celebrities into one venue. Housed in a huge concrete and steel beam trussed arena, Collision 2018 hosted the best in tech tribalism introducing the synchronicity of AI to the mind.

The event housed sleek exhibits and cozy well appointed conversation nooks. Although time went quickly within the confines of Media Village, I stole random moments to explored kiosks that introduced innovations from genius digital marketing applications to health foods that feed brain synapsis.

A freelance media tag offered me a smorgasbord of small and midsize businesses… brilliant startups to explore and share. As one of the voracious, I salivated over an “all you can eat buffet” of tech brilliance and eager startup pitches.

Groups of burgeoning tech commerce kiosks occupied the center arena while larger or established sponsors like AWS flanked its perimeter. They arrived well-armed to garner attention and evolvement with how to tutorials in relaxed settings. The comfy cozy furnishing and libations served well group discussions and introductions. The tech corporate culture of laid back, leaning in, and casual genius felt natural.

Like speed dating an eager and greedy attendee swung from one presentation to the next tasting the latest and most aggressive in technology. All coming away feeling like lucky recipients of cutting edge – that much coveted IT innovation not yet released to the world.

A few of the supreme initiators I wanted to explore more were,

Amanda Denatala and GoWithMeApp offers a brilliant solution to safe dating.

Jean-Marie Grange, Founder of brings an elegant simplicity to blockchain utilization that will transform publishing.

Joseph Daniels, Co- Founder of Figgo is the awakening of new energy provider solutions.

Christopher Leacock – Jillionaire celebrity DJ and music producer introduced me to the genius driving his rapidly expanding music influence. Spreading its cultural shifts over generations and continents. It was time and conversation well spent.

Emma Ryan, Co-Founder & CEO WATTL takes digital marketing into the next generation.

and Andre Haddad CEO of Turo making driving luxury dreams come true.

Diversity in genius defined for me the true essence of Collision 2018.

There was no pause in the business of tech consumption at sundown.

When daylight began to fade over gator’s in NOLA, Collision of 2018 continued the business of building new social networks and friendships within the casual elegance of the French Quarter.

In this writer’s opinion Collision 2018 met and exceeded expectations.  Looking forward to Collision 2019 in Toronto.

Thank you Eoghan Dillon.



ZoZo By Carlton Lamberth

 Book Review


You’ve been warned about the dangerous seduction inherent in using weirding board games for fun like Ouija Boards.  Guilelessness can easily succumb to evil domination.  Residual energies of ancient spirits can wreak havoc, cause pain, or the need for retribution.

He waited. The case of the ancient spirit ZoZo.

This author takes the reader on a revealing journey that exposes all the emotional layers of dogmatism. And in story tells how an ancient evil gained dominion over the living and innocent.

The ZoZo tale relates in exquisitely explicit sexual detail how the breadwinner and older brother succumbs easily to carnal seduction. ZoZo quickly exploits hidden needs that soon give way to betrayal and separation from morals.

Carlton Lamberth gives clarity in how evil is rooted in every fiber of the old house. And exposes the tragic generations of possessed souls. The ones that endured abuse and ungodly needs for sexual depravities and seekers of retribution.

The book is long but the elements mesh wonderfully in characterizations. The evolution of story makes for a memorable plot.

This book is a innovative fresh take on old haunted houses, the possession of a terrible monstrous evil and the loss of innocence.

“So we meet again beast!” Dori shouted with anger as another sharp pain traveled down his left arm.

 This time the pain settled om the left side of his face in the area of his jaw.  Dori opened his mouth wide to try and ease the uncomfortable ache in his face. He placed the handbook back in his coat pocket. He recited from memory now as he stared down the demon.” ~ ZoZo


Lovers of the demonic possession genre will love this sensually compelling riveting story from the first to last page.

This age-old tale about vengeful demons, ghosts and carnal bondage takes a more sensual view. The book of ZoZo is not for the faint of heart. It’s a real and gritty honest portrayal of a young family’s horrifying fall from grace.

Husband, father, and older brother Jon Crawley moves his family to a small town and discovers a deeply discounted dream home. But he lacks the awareness of the true cost of his new home. Ancient hate lives in every fiber of every brick and beam, awaiting possession and awakening of dormant unrequited lust.

The ancient demon ZoZo releases hidden pent up longings.

Evil is ZoZo.

This primeval spirit detaches morality from the unsuspecting, freeing the weak to indulge untold carnal proclivities that blackens the soul of a young family. The resulting chaos makes this a compelling read.

Main Characterizations


Katherine (Katie) Anderson Crawley was simply a young pretty wife whose world revolves around her family. Mother to nine-year-old Jessica and another on the way – she remained loyal to her own naivete until it was too late.

Jonathan (Jon) Lawrence Crawley has a need for little brother James’ wife. His sexual cravings feed the ancient evil that rules the house.

Nicole Lee Crawley uses a Ouija board to stoke sexual appetites and unknowingly becomes a carnal tool for the beast ZoZo. Wife of the younger brother…. her sexual needs understand no boundaries.

James Andrew Crawley is the younger Crawly brother. He unknowingly loses his wife Nicole the moment they cross the threshold of the Crawley home.  

Critiques:  It is rare that an author can capture so completely the BDSM microcosm of demons, devils, and carnal retribution. There’s difficulty in creating a fresh scary storyline based on the time-tested value of a storytelling about demons, ancient witchcraft, and the haunted. But this book conquers that challenge and creates an enjoyable read.

Genre: Supernatural, demonic possession, haunted houses

My rating is 5/5 stars







Grant Peters the Man We Should’ve Known


‘Twas like any other first day of the first semester of the academic year at Malcolm X Community College.  They called them Community Colleges back in those days. They were places where the needfulness of a good education found one.  But truth beknown, for a meager tuition that education was superior. Location was its only challenge.

Bordered by less than perfect neighborhoods then Malcolm X College is situated on the southwest side of Chicago.

In a predominantly African American community college on the first day of Letha Robinson’s new Nephrology Technology homeroom class, sat a very white small guy named Grant Peters. Aside from a few staff and faculty Grant was the only white man outside Cook County Medical Center on the opposite side of the Douglas Expressway.

Grant Peters may have presented as a small framed white male that looked far too frail to be in a westside Chicago neighborhood.

But his self-assured attitude and look of confidence soon dominated the small class. Grant wore an angry determined look that silently said, “leave me alone because I already know more than you” or “please come be my friend cause I’m alone and brave”. I embraced the later and that was an excellent choice.

As our friendship grew we learnt a lot about each other.

Grant was from a small suburb of Pittsburgh, I grew up on Chicago’s southside. Comfortable with my pedigree I was always amazed with how Grant managed to gain respect outside of that nurturing bubble of doting older parents left behind in Pittsburgh. I remembered thinking that was why he was so brave. His parents were fearless enough to love their only child with open arms.

Our class soon came to understand that Grant Peters was the finest reasons of why we were there. His challenge to us was to become just as smart about his disease to become its greatest advocates… like him.

His challenges were never outwardly visible.

To the contrary, he rarely talked of his three times weekly dialysis, or the fact that for the first time in his life strangers not his nurse mom, were administering to his needs as an outpatient at Northwestern Memorial satellite dialysis unit.

In those days there were few schools equipped to teach that discipline and the science of renal dialysis was new. But my buddy managed to keep his 4-point average and complete the curriculum to move on to study first at University of Illinois Chicago Campus and later return to Pittsburgh to complete his undergraduate and become part of a research team.

Years, life, and different states separated us for a time.

But one day during one of our heated phone discussions about End Stage Renal Disease Grant expressed the need to challenge the current treatment choices – or lack of. You see he acquired a new kidney – a successful transplant that added quality to his life. Grant felt that choice should be part of treatment offerings for all End Stage Patients. He felt it was their right to have the choice of adjusting daily routines around machines or have the chance of an improved quality of life with transplantation.  So I dared him to do something about this idea and he did.

First he composed An Argument for the Clinical and Economical Efficacy, on the Utilization of Kidney Transplantation Over Long-term Dialysis in ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease) , framed as a proposition.

On April 30, 2015, we began work on his idea of attending a John Hopkins post graduate program. On May 22, 2015 we completed the edits and submitted to Johns Hopkins University Advanced Academic Master’s Program in Biotechnology Enterprise and Entrepreneurship.

I don’t think I could be prouder then in that moment when he called to tell me was accepted. But then moments of silly pride took me again in the years that followed when he called to complain that he set the grade curve yet again.

 He thought it awful that his fellow students were not committed enough.

You see this was the point of his life. This was the legacy gifted to him from parents, family and friends, the drive to improve life…. never give up on making things better.

Beneath the gruff exterior of an unyielding man challenged in telling his truths in soothing language, beat the heart of a warrior. He didn’t rise at dawn to advantage a wonderful physique. He rose to make brain muscles in order to know how to make his life and others’ lives better.

The Grant Peters that I knew was brave, strong, sometimes funny, and a loyal friend. Most of all he was the smartest man I will ever know.

Grant passed today, January 24, 2018. Didn’t want to cry today, but the tears come anyways.