About Me

My time spent writing and editing composition tailored to technical and financial experts places me in a comfortable position as a seasoned remote worker.  And as a professional book reviewer, I’ve come to appreciate the importance of organizing my time while learning something new each day. This worked out well in adding knowledge when completing writing assignments and infusing value into my worth as an editor.

Working partially remotely as Network Technical Support Specialist and Project Manager for AT&T Wireless and Cingular’s RF Engineering groups helped me to build sound habits of communication. This came in handy during times when specific forms of communication became needful.

Learning and relearning IT user skills and evolving financial markets have also infused value into my workdays. So conversely, when producing creatives my style of writing and voice is distinctive. This also makes me interested and curious about the next new business story.

Whether freelancing or through agencies as in Teksystem, I enjoy the challenges that composition offers. Its advantages add flexibility and stewardship when completing assignments in a timely and quantifiable manner. I find that this to be a measure of quality on return of effort as opposed to just an expenditure of an allotted time.

My menu or resume of work history will reveal best how writing has become my means of contributing value to business teams.