Barbara Cerda Writer/Journalist

As a published author, #copywriter, journalist, and maker of digital creatives that span economics, finance, tech startups, and biotech, I #hack the imagination through #storytelling.

My “copy” is timeless, specific, relevant, measurable, and, most of all, agile. The creative process of content making offers endless opportunities to write simple explanations for complex subjects.

Adaptable re-purposeful content owns the best ROI. It proves itself in a business’ bottom line. ~ Barbara Cerda, BCScontent


What They Say

Carl Branco / Principal

Insightful and concise; Barbara has been a valued contributor to our projects for many years. Her innate capacity to see the big picture through the weeds of data and articulate the message is a value to any organization. We look forward to future collaborations with Barbara

Uday Raval / Investment, Finance and Technology Specialist

Barbara has great analytical skills and can narrow down the solution to a problem. Great writing ability and has amazing sense focusing services around the client and client needs. A fast thinker has successfully handled projects and people. Excellent people skills and a mature understanding of different cultures.

Pina Di Pietro Vyvico

Working with Barbara over the years has made me grow accustomed and appreciative of her honesty and writing talents. Not only has she always exhibited an active interest in my business needs but her inputs on projects have always resulted necessarily. While often wading through subject minutia, she calmly respects opinions when edits are required. Her dependability in quality is a valued contributor and I plan to again benefit from her talent in my future endeavors

T Grande ChapterSee

Barbara is a pleasure to work with, bringing her attention to detail to every project as a contributing writer and book reviewer for ChapterSee. She is always cheerful, courteous and generous with her time. Barbara is one of the most organized people I know who has never had a problem when faced with meeting deadlines. She is always available to lend a hand to me and ChapterSee writers when necessary. I am grateful to have her on board working with me. She is a true professional and a great human being! 🙂

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