Ben Shahin’s Allyus

Allyus is a new way of social networking.

Ben Shahin’s Allyus is a political-social networking tool that brilliantly offers a solution to keeping democracy strong.

It’s time to take back ownership of political involvement. We’ve lost faith in transparency and the honesty in our government. This allows for a flood of misinformation and political deception. We choose our political influencers based on ideological promises, not on the realities of unfulfilled campaign pledges, obscure voting records, or a campaigner’s understanding of local issues.


Where do we strengthen the one person one vote rule of law?

Allyus offers voters empowerment by re-conceptualizing political-social networking. You see, the local politician may become mired in partisan issues that may not always be of importance to their local constituencies.   Here’s where the value of a location-based polling system is inspired. The campaigner and the voter get a live snapshot of what issues are important within their vote localities. This changes how we look for all the right answers.

A location-based polling system is all about clear data to specific demographics.


We often base voting decisions on neighbors’ opinions and social media bubble sources.  Allyus allows a user to submit anonymously opinions and take part in up or down voting on petitions important to the locality. They post polling results in real time. For all interested stakeholders, a detailed demographic breakdown is presented in easy-to-read graphs. The campaigner or politician sees real-time voter responses.  Privacy for users ensures robust participation.

We need only two requirements to create a user profile on Allyus, our demographics, and a pseudonym. This encourages users to respond honestly and robustly. Using Civic, a biometric blockchain technology app enhances transparency. A future decentralized voting system may become a reality. A strong system of voting requires transparency to increase accountability.

Because our democracy is still a work in progress, we should wisely exercise the right of one man one vote. Voters must be politically empowered to make a change–where change is needful. We must create the absolutes of transparencies within the government. Allyus is a brilliant tool in achieving that translucency within electoral constructs.  We no longer need to vote and hope. This new way of political-social media is an open public forum that debates issues while engaging with multiple politicians simultaneously.

Allyus is an elegantly simple self-educating tool within social media that helps voters decide who and how we vote.