An Army of Heroes On October 22, 2019

“Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers and sisters in spirit dwell in unity!” 

I met new friends today who reminded me of the joy of just giving. We all came together to celebrate and help our hero Matt Burgess and his Freedom Fido teams.  And with joyful purpose, an army of helping hands cleared land, repaired structures, laughed while cutting trees, removing bush, and broke bread together.

Our most heart-filled thanks and gratitude to Wells Fargo and the House of Heroes.

An army of joyful heroes descended upon the Freedom Fidos universe located in Harris County, West Georgia, on October 22, 2019. It was a glorious bunch of hard workers from House of Heroes and Wells Fargo.

In celebration of the dedication of our heroes Matt Burgess and Kristine Duncan, Freedom Fidos were not only rewarded with hard workers and muscle. Wells Fargo and House of Heroes gifted generously monetary contributions to help in support of Freedom Fidos. Their generosity will help ensure that the mission to serve disabled veterans in need of service dogs and forever friends, will continue.

“Just to know the power of our community and how we all come together for one purpose, it just gives you pride and humanity,” said Ashley Hawthorne, district manager of West Georgia Wells Fargo. “No matter what may be going on or what’s going on at work any day, just being able to come out, you can’t leave but feeling good with what we are doing.” – 

Olivia Gunn Digital Content Producer, WTVM

Within the business of living, there’s a real-world that, at times, goes unnoticed.

The reality of those that gave the most to protect us is the daily – unremitting challenges of living with impairments.  Like those that return to the arms of their country and find themselves imprisoned in a silent world, few understand.

It takes the superhuman dedication of peoples like Matt Burgess and the incredible author of Walk in My Paws, Ramona Rice, to awaken the spirit to those that need the forever friendship of forever friends.

Author Ramona Rice generously gifted copies of the book to hero warriors that came to help on October 22, 2019.  Also, the proceeds of her book of service dog anthologies of real-life experiences ensure that the mission of Freedom Fidos continues.   

It’s one thing to read the heartbreaking statistics of how many of our disabled vets return home to face the dark shadows of PTSD and other injuries. This story gains a new reality when those suffering these challenges are our loved ones.

“Matt found his passion by serving to the populations of veterans and first responders with many dog teams while there are over 200 applications on a waiting list to start their training. Freedom Fido’s service dogs have repeatedly provided hope, often where there are none. The healing they provide is often indescribable, beyond comprehension, yet so visible.”

R. Rice Freedom Fido’s Mission, Walk in My Paws.