At BCSolutions Genius Digital Curation, is not magic.

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“Digital curation is the selection, preservation, maintenance, collection and archiving of digital assets. Digital curation establishes, maintains and adds value to repositories of digital data for present and future use. This is often accomplished by archivists, librarians, scientists, historians, and scholars.” – Wikipedia

Using the magic liberated through crafty content can reveal hidden wonders about your business. BCSolutions will not always see the captivation liberated by the content we weave. Nevertheless, it presents itself in customer responses. Increased sales and marketing participation is true verification of how well smart content works.

The success in how well we convey the nature of our business depends on words. Well-crafted articles awaken the many nuances that are a part of the human sensory. It keeps in our memories those rarefied moments when a sentence can translate into things we need or want. Digital articles with immediate appeal can create what our eyes do not see, our noses do not smell, or our touch cannot feel. That is also when masterful curation of relevant news and industry trends comes in handy. A thorough understanding of your industry makes BCSolutions your go to for content making.

BCSolutions and Subject Digital Curation go hand in hand.

The art of Subject Digital Curation is about learning the specific industry, commerce, business type and audience that composes a customer base. We use that information to create easy reads for your website or blog. It is all about telling a good story when stimulating interest in the products and/or services that you offer.

To create exemplary content using the support of good curation, the digital writer should have an uncanny aptitude for understanding the nuances that make up your industry. It is good business when you help your consumer to understand how to monitor the alterations in your output. These weekly emails will keep your clients current and encourages consumer confidence…your consumers. Weekly blog or website updates always meet with appreciation.

Most web searches are information driven.

Visitors to your blog or website should enjoy the read before they know that it is selling. Crafty articles can successfully convey in simple reusable terms information that becomes invaluable to your visitors. This encourages return visits and active subscribers.

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BCSolutions is a digital content solution that uses thoughtfully targeted curation…tailored to your industry.