Keep Your Nerd at the Door



Content or article ideas come by way of media headlines in every genre.  Every subject of public interest has a relationship to the business of your blog.  It’s all in interpretation of thought. The tricky bits come in how to insure that the words and ideas actually convey what you do for a living.  In creating your website content, draw a line of a particular trending subject on how it relates to your commerce offerings.

For example, Google shares may be trending up because of the acquisition of a new technology. That technology may be a tool that you use for customer fulfillment. Project those thoughts of how your business is ahead of competitors. Use captivating call to action words.

The most difficult part in presenting fantastical ideas into content is to present your accepted wisdom in clear unambiguous terms. Keep your nerd alter ego at the door.  If you have a product or service to sale – just say it. Being too technical or roaming too far into the weeds when explaining what you have to offer can lose an important moment….capturing the imagination of your new patron. 

Keep your nerd at the door and keep it simple.

Sweet Confessions of a Maturing Body Builder

meretneith video1Muscle moving under smooth skin shiny with pearls of sweat always accompany those pleasurable hours of hard workouts. Let us speak truth about the maddening rush of endorphins that plague our loins during hyperactivity. Bodybuilding and wired workouts serve to be a time of meditation that relaxes the spirit and feeds the libido. Not everyone seeks to find his or her meditative centers in serene stillness. Many of us discover it when developing taunt bodies and smooth curves. They come as an added bonus.

There are memories of times when applying earnest effort in learning proper running. The esthetics of pure form and the often-obligatory spiritual poets’ readings at the end of a five miler never offer up the same pleasure. Circuit training often included a couple of miles of running between heavy lifting. But alas, it was the sheer pleasure of muscle pumping that brought the spiritual center back…that relaxed the body for sensual exploration and freed the mind.

In monitoring the progress of physical form resulting from bodybuilding, we are often led to the shadowy depths of hedonism. It does not lessen over time nor bow before wisdom. We are drawn to the mirror as if a deer caught in headlamps. Gazing at sinews now visible will produce smiles of appreciation. Body flexing takes on a new meaning. It becomes addictive. Once in training mode no day passes no meal eaten without thought of how long too the exertion and what foods to consume, all to recall the pleasure of it.

“Endorphins (“endogenous morphine”) are endogenous opioid inhibitory neuropeptides.” – Wikipedia

Liberated by a gland in the Central Nervous System called the Pituitary endorphins floods the blood stream during mental stimulation producing a feeling of euphoria. The release of endorphins enhances the collection of feelings that saturates our senses during moments of sexual excitement. It originates inside us. Opioid affects our bodies during meditation and for some it surges while participating in extreme sport. Most importantly, it also calms the system, regulates the beats of our hearts and stirs the loins – preparing them for blissful release. So muscle stimulation is not only healthful it is necessary to growth and maintenance of the body. As the surface of the skin releases moisture for cooling, the brain begins to listen to the mind while promoting beauty.

Throughout our lives, sinew remembers. Muscle cells do not dissolve during a body’s maturation – they merely flatten from lack of use and nourishment. When we stress, allow debilitating thoughts or anger in defense the brain orders the liver to liberate fat cells. Filled with water and lipid fats they are voracious. They settle under the skin and roam our arteries. With shackled minds and low spirits, we diminish our production of endorphins. Nevertheless, when reawakened matured muscles cells spring once more to life.

They proudly retake their position. Supreme and efficient strong sinew forces life changes. Only strong physical activity, high quality protein and an active mind keep a beautiful muscled body happy. Training young or mature muscle is the quickest way to sensual beauty.

With time, the sweet confession of being a maturing body builder becomes a pleasure.

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” John Dewey

Nigerian girlsAll over the world each day, tiny feet move playfully over schoolhouse floors. Behind the bright laughing girlish faces lives an eager spirit ready to learn the wonders to come. Few know or understand the cruel avoidable horrors that are ahead. Their male counterparts will bring dreadfully short the future of any education. Today in Nigeria, the common simplicities of the rights of respect, love and above all an education are denied its girls. Like a huge grotesque mirror, this meme reflects across the globe. The oppressors know how wisdom grows. The act of learning becomes a socio-economic leveler. It frees the mind to drive the brain to perform feats yet unknowable. In pockets of the world male dominated Islamist slaughter, set afire, maim and enslave girls that dare to learn.

“If you strike your hand on his chest, you know where a person’s life is,”~ Ilu Igbo.

What better way for the Boko Haram to create deep unspeakable fear in the hearts of Nigerians. They steal young women and girls thereby becoming the destroyers of Nigeria’s future.

Our heads of state too frequently explain away the lack of urgency in their responses to the daily outcries to stop the horror. Yet their explanations resonate as weak and apathetic in light of a growing acknowledgement. The global populace is becoming aware that terrorists are using young girls as tools of war. The rights of sovereign politics and religion hold sway over the rights of poor women. The sanctification of female sexual enslavement and cruelty has become an integral part of the underlying economic structures of most countries. This underpins the global monetary system.

The invisible hands of financiers who support various fanatical regimes are plentiful. Many are transnational governments with interrelated economies. Simply put terrorism and female slavery are big business. With huge buying power, they purchase and sell leadership that ignores the atrocities. Every country has a share in that pie of the extreme economics of female ostracizing. Nigeria is rapidly becoming an important hub for trafficking of kidnapped girls. Its expression of extreme Islam is the Boko Haram.

They preach a revised dogma of the Qur’an to draw rich donors from countries that embrace the doctrine. Yet many donors are unaware that those funds are finding its way to extremists’ leadership. Still more often simple crimes of kidnapping and bank robbery also swell the wealth of terrorists and their followers. Because of the global crackdown on money laundering, organizations like the Boko Haram have found very creative ways to house their finances.

Terrorist cells have grown in number. Therefore, many participate in hawala a form of trust banking. It is very hard to estimate the true monetary value of terrorist groups like the Boko Haram. Cash couriers move money or operate along margins of the traditional financial systems. The monetary cost to inflict terror is great. An estimated 60 trillion dollars in extremists’ organization money has weaved in and out of transnational traditional or shadow banking institutions. The payout to the donor comes too often in the form of trading of human flesh. Selling human sex slaves is a $32 billion a year business. That averages about $90 per head.boko haram

The young girls taken from their school in Nigeria under the cloak of night were in all likelihood for selling. In essence, extreme Islamists have control of a large economic base that spans the globe. It influences governments and corrupts leaders. Unfortunately, bias cannot be legislated. Nevertheless, well-enforced laws can mitigate its outcomes.

“If you strike your hand on his chest, you know where a person’s life is,” ~ Ilu Igbo.

Narendra Modi A Man for All Reasons

modi3The handsome olive face framed in brilliant white hair preaches words that make real a vision of sovereign pride. His utterances brings into stark relief that the largest democratic country in the world is a very diverse and old culture. The Chief Minister of Gujarat and proposed new Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi’s agenda are to create a united country. This has traditionally presented an unrealistic feat, one that the most sanctified of mind has found impossible. Yet by all appearances and polls, the majority of India across all demographics embraces his promises. For a very long while, few leaders of his ilk have come this way in India. Crowds young and old, rich and poor from the most humble towns to large urban hubs listen intently to his every declaration. Yet his detractors are many and very vocal.

In articles that resemble poorly crafted movie scripts his opponents wax about his estranged wife, Jashodaben Modi. Perhaps the most egregious and divisive rhetoric is the allegations of his involvement in the 2002 Gujarat Hindu- Muslim massacres. After years of investigation, the courts absolved him. Yet the mood of Indians in this the country’s most important election for generations yells loud and clear for change. Mr. Modi embodies a new chapter waiting to be written in Indian history. One of the roads to the realization of this commitment is the renaissance of India’s infrastructure. The duplication of his success in the creation of an economically vibrant Gujarat is where the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and India’s economic leaders are placing their hopes.

The renewal of public works is a proven means of creating a healthy economy. Not only will it address security issues, new infrastructure connecting India’s vast domains will serve as a means of cultural unity while serving to strengthen its liquidity. A post war America was introduced to a very similar concept. The birth of the Federal Aid Highway Act of 195 ushered in a new period of American global dominance.

On February 1955, the 34th president of the United States Dwight W. Eisenhower argued his case for why an improved national infrastructure was necessary to the well being and success of his country. During the Second World War, it was a lesson learnt from the Nazis. President Eisenhower said in part.

“Our unity as a nation is sustained by free communication of thought and by easy transportation of people and goods. The ceaseless flow of information throughout the Republic is matched by individual and commercial movement over a vast system of interconnected highways criss-crossing the Country and joining at our national borders with friendly neighbors to the north and south.

Together, the uniting forces of our communication and transportation systems are dynamic elements in the very name we bear–United States. Without them, we would be a mere alliance of many separate parts.”

The outcome was the creation of the Interstate Highway System authorized by [11]the United States Congress. It was later coined the National Interstate and Defense Highways Act of 195 on June 29th. This act also paved the way to the synthesis of the internet.

Many Separate Parts

It is clear that Mr. Narendra Modi’s successful urban renewal of Gujarat has drawn new business, foreign investments and stimulated employment. Business leaders are indian-cityhoping to recreate this on a national scale. It would mean a structural realignment of political, social and more importantly the economical face to all of India. This is a mighty lift. As sovereign leader, the agenda is for all Indians to own a sense of economic parity. Mr. Modi’s only obscurity is how he will shape India’s role in global foreign policy.

Clearly to become the leader of the world’s largest democracy – one must embody a clear understanding of complexities of global politics. Contending with an ever-reaching China occupying one border and the security issues associated with Pakistan and the Taliban, Mr. Modi’s path is difficult. India is the largest importer of arms on the globe. Its biggest supplier is Russia with the United States coming in second. Although India currently owns the largest military budget ….their military still lacks solidity.


Stephen Cohen, Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy, at the India Project at Brookings Institution observes that Mr. Modi has an agenda to create in India a top tier global political and economic force. A vision shared during leadership of the first Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru. Under a recent accord, China and India are currently hashing rhetoric for a safe and peaceful sharing of borders. Political observers have noted Mr. Modi’s warming relations with China. This may force a realignment of political partnerships with the United States. Yet China is also looking to the west, in its relationship with Angela Merkel and Germany, for its own sense of economic realignment. Mr. Modi’s foreign relations skills will be tested.


India recently paid Russia, its biggest arms dealer, to supply Afghanistan armies in the wake of the removal of foreign forces. India and China are nervous at the prospect of a reconstitution of the Taliban and other Islamist extremists. This action will aggravate an already often tedious and hostile relationship with their “next-door” neighbor Pakistan.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin may find that meeting India’s request may prove problematic under pending restrictions from NATO. His insurgence into Ukraine has prompted NATO to impose deepening economic sanctions, initially meant to starve financially an already slowing economy.

With a country still holding to its sectarian grief and dynastic politics, Mr. Modi endeavors to lead India into era global leadership. Yet this centrist political leader must learn to assuage the constantly shifting and difficult politically economic dynamic. Like watercolors Asia and the Middle East’s political landscape is “amorphic”. India’s next chief of state will borrow the outcomes of futures base often on a single decision. A progressive India fueled by a changing populace will influence and shift global socio-economics.

A wise Indian leader understands that real wealth lies in its huge human capital. It is the truest measure of India’s GDP.

Why Creating Tasty Website Content is more tempting than a Cinnamon bun

canstockphoto20468862The time it takes for you to sip on that delicious latte’ and munch a warm sweet buttery cinnamon bun, your website business can generate new leads…new business associates. All of the hype about SEOs, the power of clicks and the traffic generated on iDevices is all-true. Yet the reaping of success is when that truth results in a burgeoning client base. Your patrons will instantly respond to your verbal outreach…” Give us your tribulations and we can make whole your business needs.”

We all toss and turn at night, get up early and ruminate on what magic source will bring our businesses to the light and the masses…or clients to our website door. Once conveyed that offer to help can be as tempting to your new and old customers as a warm Cinnamon bun. Express that promise through well-worded inbound marketing, and you have a winning formula. It is important that your potential fan base understands how you intend to help them. In doing this, you are creating that important business reputation currency.

A concise well-written email campaign in conjunction with social network sites is important to achieving success. In today’s world of constant 24/7 information streaming. Web content and targeted email streaming must be instantly engaging and information loaded. Word count…counts. Keep the details of your premise short and sweet. The concept of information over load is a thing that has passed. Commerce movers are looking for ideas and solutions that come rapidly with sound data to support the deeds of their business.

An inbound marketing campaign pointing the way to a well-constructed landing page should contain well-placed CTAs or call to action words. This wins immediate attention. Find your proper niche by running your own small marketing campaigns using social media sites. Get analysis of what colors and graphics garner the most clicks and how many of those clicks prove actionable. Learn how to use winning affects for a website button to gather a favorable audience reaction. The subtleties in using page tints when posting content will bespeak your innate ability to understand the needs of your reader. No static page to land on rather beef it up with sliding graphics. It draws the eye while engaging readership to an important message. Reinforce your bona fetes as source expert with statistical numbers and source links.

Just as you study the data analysis of your marketing campaigns, your appreciative customers peruse then use that analysis for their businesses as well. With simplified numbers and graphs, it serves as actionable proof. This translates into instant gratification.

What Wikipedia Can’t tell You About STEM Workforce

Occupations in science, technology, engineering and math have become the newest path to expressing creativity in the future, as well as becoming OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAdisciplines that are nation saving. The health and vitality of the STEM instructs defines whether a nation is successful now or in its future. The umbrella acronym known as STEM is used to describe these academic and professional disciplines. The quality and quantity of our STEM workforce is lagging behind other nations. The ability to fill this growing professional gap lie in part with a specialized community that understands what is needed.

The necessity is urgent because of a growing demand and fewer STEM workers. This has created hindrances to a stronger economic. The prevailing feelings among youth are that science, technology engineering and math are queer and uninteresting. This notion is being challenged and changed by the industry that created the “flat world”.

Economically when a nation endures a shortfall in its supply of STEM professionals, it experiences a slow deterioration. No longer able to compete globally its political standing diminishes. A strong STEM workforce is important to any nation building. The commerce that has led the way in global technology and the internet, the WEB industry, has stepped in to change the face of the STEM workforce. Concentrating on younger schoolchildren from grades K thru 12, the WEB industries have taken on the tasks of making STEM academics more appealing to the young.

There is no other industry better equipped to bring about this changing of the minds. What other trade has such potential for unlimited growth and diversity. The creators of the “flat world or WEB industries have shaped and blurred national borders. The new generation of industry professionals is teaching how WEB designers, developers and UX experts can bring unbridled creativity to occupations that for too long labored on tasks that were presented in lifeless and uncreative ways. Avenues in WEB occupations are limitless. There is no obsolesces in the WEB world. The industry is the perfect venue for the entrepreneur. Freelancing as a creative WEB designer and developer of innovative WEB projects, crosses all industries and types of businesses. Developing new professionals that understand the value of aesthetics offers limitless possibilities. No other occupation can offer so much room for growth.

Building techThe business of compiling mundane information for presentation is transformed through creative WEB design into something of greater worth. The industry is teaching that a STEM professional can take the boring and create something unimagined.

There are no limits in the WEB world. Sadly, many WEB experts are lacking that creative stance. The WEB industry is teaching that through the limitless expressions of creativity, students will find that STEM disciplines will be their chosen professional field. It is borderless, uncompromising and deemed to be an important factor in nation saving.

There is no other profession offering such self-nurturing. The industry who has melted away borders. STEM vocations have become the art form of the future.

Did you hear the one About the Prizefighter and the Writer?

boxing_ring1 Like a gym for young boxers, wordsmith legions are rapidly swelling. Technology has enabled an unending flow of words. Website content has become a seductive tool in the arsenals of  ecommerce marketers. Good creative writers have found a home where words proclaiming “Buy Me” recreate storefront signs describing goods and services. The best part is that this translates into new important sources of revenue streams. This funds source will constantly evolve, as markets morph. The competition is strong, acquiring new work tough. Yet good writers are getting reps. Skills are in demand and this job outlook will change for the constant wordsmith.

Authors and journalists are no longer confined within sovereign borders in their fight for market share. Borders have dissolved. Good writing will rise like cream and those wordsmiths willing and able to produce content will reward clients with customers streaming to their www dot doors. Self-advancement becomes a necessary evil. It is a needful thing in order for the globe to see and understand what a writer has to offer.

Big global players are growing wealth offering an eager client database looking for virtual writers for a fee. The vetting process for writers or freelance company is still in its infancy. In light of the potential profits, scams are plentiful on both sides.

Discarding the yoke of staffing overhead enables greater numbers of small businesses to thrive. This all makes for a rich environment designed for champion writers.

The multiplying numbers of scribers require a freelancer to be resourceful in finding ways to stand out from the others. As in prize fighting, honing a skill is liken to religion. Focused marketing money and a love of the game of getting battered everyday is necessary. The payouts at the end of each match are rewarding. The titleholder garners his/her own fan base of loyal followers. Being noticed as a righteous champion in content provisioning attracts buyers. Writing for the web is big business.

Like a campaigner with no wins under his belt, good writers are becoming their own promoters. They know when and how to hit the mats.woman-boxing-gym

Online writers and publishers are becoming their own publicist. Technology is offering many new options and tools to design ways in which stardom can happen. Adult readership of eBooks and magazines has become a billion dollar industry. As global audiences change, hunger will grow to take a bite out of those constant streams of content making. Writers will increasingly be called upon to create carefully crafted words to express what the hawkers have to sell.

“Carefully crafted composition and rousing content must be a process of evolution for the writer and the reader.” – Bobann

The Dummy’s Guide to the Nine Hundred Pound Gorilla and Congress

We are in waiting for the nine hundred pound gorilla residing in congress to pay our debt. We elected him to office.  However, economies of the world must share in that indignity. He sits in the house chambers absently picking at the remnants of a constituency that has little regard for legislation. We wait for him to ratify a continuing resolution to release monies for our debt owed. This large primate has a lack of understanding of how the inability to act influences  economies large and small, countries and households. The longer they delay in paying our bills, the more our good name as the financial haven of last resort is tarnished.


Continuing Resolution

The friendly but inflexible ape is rapidly becoming an obstruction in the global economic machine. In our current financial universe of wealth builders, borders become invisible. When one player defaults, it tips other financial centers and exchanges into a financial oblivion. It is a place never visited before – because our bills are always paid. While many political pundits will attempt to down play the importance of the nine hundred pound gorilla. He has a crucial impact on global economies. They do so because of their lack of understanding of how interconnected global wealth behaves. Every minute of every day, exchanges and banks transact borrowing for daily operational cost of businesses. Payrolls, manufacturing of goods, transportation all require monies borrowed and lent across sovereign borders. Let us forget, for a moment, the actual wealth of our country. Understand that our truest value lies in our good name. Living within an echo chamber of partisan rhetoric, fiscal leaders are unwilling to view how their decisions influence that good name. The United States is the globe’s nominal wealth haven.

All of our circulating wealth is built on full faith that there is a stern support stratum of liquidity. Should faith be shaken the act of borrowing money daily to do business becomes expensive. The effects of congress not paying our bills ripple throughout the pond. This will affect the mother on public welfare. It affects the economics of the storeowner on Main Street. He will suddenly see an increase in his lending rates. The grocer hikes the price of meat and vegetables. Dock owners see freight sitting on docks waiting to be offloaded. Trucks sit at weigh stations and cartage companies experience a loss in shareholder wealth. Foreign investment becomes problematic because the gorilla is seen as not allowing normal fiscal policy to behave smoothly. The longer the silver back sits in complacency in the assembly hall of congress. The larger the problem in the real world becomes. We are all dependent on Congress’ successful navigation of its fiscal responsibilities.Chicago Board of Trade CBOT Stock Exchange trading floor Chicago Illinois USA JMH0952

In an objective perspective, perhaps when a sovereign is singular and the democratic process is absent. In this case, the ruler can pivot on the influence of a few well-paid SMEs – not a group of bickering politicians. The alternative is attempting to understand how a nine-hundred pound gorilla thinks.

Fifty Shades of No

lips-optWhile erotica eBook sales contributed greatly to the swelling electronic book revolution. It heralds new pathways to achieving extreme profitability amongst publishing heavies like Barnes & Nobel, and Amazon. Heads up, PwC sees nothing but increased revenue in eBook sales for the foreseeable future. Nevertheless, the list of the top ten publishers worldwide has not changed. The same big players in traditional and eBook publications are still the main hawkers in the sport of making lots of money in print media. Add the fact that trending global demographics spell new sources of disposable incomes. Advance emerging markets and small e-commerce businesses are becoming streams of important revenue gains. How important?

In the first quarter of 2012 adult eBooks showed an increase in sales of 28.16%. That translated into a quarterly income of $282.3M. The numbers of e-Readers purchasing erotica and romance genres are swelling and the participating demographics are changing.

E-Readers are taking the embarrassing out of sensual reading. Dare we say that Anne Rice has taken ownership of her Beauty’s Release? The reformatted cover and updated version now available for eBook readers is enjoying a rare comeback. In an effort to stem the growing tide of unsanctioned erotica Amazon, PayPal, Pinterest and others, are attempting to find their “censorship” voices. Can we say 50 Shades of no?

In this new medium for entertainment, consumer driven demand will dictate how this genre will be made available. Globetrotters, vacationers and daily commuters will be purchasing the latest and greatest in electronic readers. It makes that long airtime shorter when you can entertain yourself with a 100 Shades of Grey.

Smaller publishers in e-commerce are growing. They are still reliant on the services of the deep-pocketed Amazon to help in selling, or PayPal to act as transaction Asian Business man using a touch pad PCmerchant. Nevertheless “censoring” what constitutes safe erotica, is like corralling wild horses after the fact. Technology is changing global senses of self-awareness. Availability and expansion of varied genres will challenge traditional value systems. Therefore how and what we read will alter socializations. This all translates in enhanced e-commerce profits for those brave enough to test new waters.

Donning the mantle of director in chief of how smut will be smutted in a morphing global society will be a challenge. New markets will emerge and new providers will be there to fill neglected niches. They will become the centers for erotica and romance memes, which is rapidly becoming billion dollar businesses. The quest for sensational titillation will not be denied. As taste for casual reading evolves, the discoverer of the next E L James will win the day and future profits.  Giant global e-commerce business has its’ eyes on the rear view mirror. Jeff Bezos is already priming the consumer for new upgrades to Kindle

Putin Leads a Wannabe Russia

vladimir_putinWhen explaining the Russian economic future it usually is accompanied by a symphony of crickets. The sovereign’s unraveling began long ago during the cold transition to capitalist industries. The journey was far from smooth. Although few western sovereigns can boast total equality in wealth and upward mobility, in this respect Russia falls to last in line. Wealth settled “”upward” among the already rich and politically elite rather than trickle down to create a supportive middle class. Changing a nation’s mindset to embrace a price system for government owned and operated businesses is very ambitious. A lesson China needs to study.

Leaders like Vladimir Putin have busied themselves attempting to create a hybrid economy based on an oligarchy of rich cronyisms. Criticisms of western cultures have only highlighted Putin’s inability to grow a once rich economy. Its current economics is being influenced by political leadership stuck in the age of Gorbeshev and Primakov.

The GDP or Gross Domestic Product of Russia has ticked down to 1.2%. This benchmarks a steady decline since 2011. It is in stark contrast to her rapid ascent following a recovery after the Great Financial Meltdown of 2008 and 2009.

Fall off in the demand of oil exports is the biggest headwind Putin’s Russia faces. Global warming agendas are moving rapidly towards lower per capita usage of fossil fuels. With the advent of increased demand for shale oil, the price of Russian oil has become a bungee cord.

Currently facing the threat of recession, one of its largest customers Syria is being impacted by domestic wars. This leaves Russia with a troubled consumer that she cannot afford to lose. Putin’s sovereign’s major exports are oil and the related machinery necessary to drill, refine and produce. Their largest trading partner, the European Union is also struggling under the yoke of failing economies and diminution in the value of their sovereign funds, with the exception of Germany

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn addition, the recent generous gains in the S&P markets have neglected Russia. Russian market value has weakened indicating another loss in sovereign liquidity and investor confidence. Even though Russia’s wealth is dependent on a finicky oil market, she is still a major player on the global stage. However, the influences of the political process can shape market value.

Russia’s social policies are running decidedly against worldly opinion, as reflected in the Russian Winter games. Security for LGBT athletes during the Sochi Olympics has not been definitively settled. The face of social politics a country chooses to present to the world will influence pesky market predilections. Something the American Congress failed to understand.

While immolating his rival Russian President Vladimir Putin often delivers harsh criticisms of the United States. This may be an indication of wanting to covet her successes.