Accommodating diversity into your brand is a proven marketing strategy to expand the business. This also leads to keeping your loyal customers…. loyal.

What better business sector examples this more than the $3 trillion beauty industry? It holds mastery over new product development.  It creates new markets while paying homage and redressing established brands.

In its anticipation of new trends, Amazon is legendary. The retail giant schools in how to improve its Business to Customer or B2C. And has captured second place to China’s powerful Tmall.

But Amazon will not be outpaced for long by Asia’s biggest B2C, shopping mall. In the next five years, they project the online giant to be the dominant force in cosmetic online retailing. Becoming Asia’s fast-growing middle- and upper-income buyers’ online shopping choice. It’s advantaging a new beauty market that’s infusing new money into the industry.

The phenom is androgyny cosmetics, where established beauty brands are creating a new bandwagon that designers of face fashion are jumping on. Cosmetics designed for men is driving Amazon and China’s Tmall.

Beauty influencers with their billions of Instagram followers are making it happen. With established makeup houses bringing their own brands like Channels’ Boys de Chanel, DTRT Boys Be Bold BB Cream, and Tom Ford (just to name a few) designed just for men.

Globally diversifying into androgynous cosmetic branding is a moneymaker. And the beauty industry could not be happier.