Brand or Unbranded

Your superhuman collaborative advertisement efforts have rewarded your client with stable growth.  You are remarkable.

But, being lulled into the assumption that your data algorithms are performing amazing feats of promotional genius could become a costly error. There may be a lack of awareness of potential loss to the bottom line. Generational brands are being introduced to the dreaded marketing condition known as unbranded. This sneaks in and drains budgets and gobble away profits.

When ROI or return on investment numbers does not wow, its cause may lie in diminishing brand equity.

It requires resources to add new products when constantly adjusting to buyers’ changing wants.  Influencers are younger and savvier about their buying power.

Your consumers are making unbranded products and services their new choices.

The trends in label gazing before purchase are not a trend. It’s smart consumption. It is the newest in passive education in lifestyle choices. Does your product/service mirror the current needs of social influencers? Explanations that grace the outside of packaging labels serve the same function as meta tags. It’s become fashionable to know what’s inside or the whys and how of a product or service.

How are you at interpreting the most current urban language or the conversation of current influencers?

Were we consumed with talk of gluten-free foods a generation ago?




If the bottom line seems amiss, indicating a diminishing return, look under the hood. See where his consumer base is consuming and decide the reasons for changes in demand. Make sure your advertisement language is being embraced and comprehended, so rending colloquialism is correct for your brand.

Perhaps modernizing your company’s graphic design is needful. Logo styling and popularized color choices may need an upgrade. With a global value of $3 trillion, the reasons the beauty industry creates millionaires each day is because they are constant marketing re-inventors.

Designing new clothing lines each season sets the bar in creating new consumers.

Algorithms have become more intuitive with each moment and branding data analysis peers into your buyers’ soul.

BcScontent will create your digital content.

Because just like you, we love what we do.