Collision 2019 Enercare Center Toronto

“One can only guess how many great tech entrepreneurs and engineers have been discouraged from even considering attending a tech conference in the United States recently because of uncertainty over immigration policies.” – Paddy Cosgrave, LinkedIn

It’s a Paddy Cosgrave Universe

Collision is one of his heavenly bodies.

Admiration grows for the global phenoms Web Summit and Collision. The techy networking conferences have become meccas for all things geeky. As socio-political and economic influences, the diversity of the technically skilled workforce is inherent.

The solution of diversity is not a trendy political catchphrase nor just an investment strategy. The concept of multi-cultural inclusion is what drives the most important component of any country’s Real GDP.  Human resources.

The brilliance of entrepreneur events like Collision and Web Summit is…

the boon to local and regional economies, inherent to workforce diversity.

In our current sloth-like slide into global economic sluggishness, ironically Canada’s GDP rate of growth will come close to or match its biggest trading partner the US.  Real GDP for the US in 2018 was 2.9 and in 2020 it’s projected to be 2.3. Canada’s Real GDP % in 2018 was 1.8 and the projected rate of growth in 2020 will be 2.0. Fueled in large part by its tech community.  The growth in Toronto’s technical workforce is surpassing the old stronghold of tech country, California. Canada’s most diverse city is where Paddy Cosgrove’s universe is a perfect fit.

Diversity in any workforce is transformative for economies.

There’s no dancing around this issue, there’s no soft obfuscation of the harsh realities of the current US administration’s policies of isolation. And Collision is positioned to serve the tech communities in the most important of ways… mobility of hands-on marketing.

Tech-friendly immigration is an economic strategy that has laid claim to a growing ecosystem in Toronto.  During an informal media gaggle at Collision 2019, Mayor of Toronto, John Tory voiced his pride in Toronto’s cultural diversity. The Canadian government’s ease of immigration policies has become an important component in accommodating the influx of skilled labor.

Paddy has revolutionized how brilliant geeks come together.

These technical summits will not only dictate how other economies will partake of their newest and greatest in technology.  But where the next best in consumer technologies will be introduced. This defines political success.  I think Paddy Cosgrove and his brilliant team understand completely the economic power of Web Summit and Collision.  Which highlights even more how US policies are morphing into cultural exclusivity that has become a boon to Canada’s most diverse city.

What doesn’t grow, adapt, and change – dies.