January 2019 / Volume 1

New Goals BcScontent 2019

BcScontent is rolling out weekly newsletters that will include hints on how you may rediscover social media’s magic and our customized creatives.

BcS works daily building trust in your online business community.

Here’s why.

Even within limited budgets BcScontent can help you reach your prescribed targeted demographic.

Ever hear the adage… it all begins with one step?

An example. Of the 700 million Instagram users, 400 are streaming daily. And needs of consumers change by the moment. Within Instagram alone there are over 30 tools to brand your business. Graphics and pictures translate perfectly to any industry… that’s alluring.  

Digital content connects while instantly conveying calls to action.  

It’s test, engage and follow through on performing content, to create an active consumer. Because great organic content can convert influencers while enhancing paid marketing.  You’ll find that higher performing organic content is well rewarded. This becomes a well you can draw from time and again.

And while we’re at it… think infomercials to get your message across. Short microburst of knowledge is engaging and reshapes what a consumer may not know he wants.



82% of your consumer base is more likely to purchase from social media savvy businesses.

That makes you an eCommerce Rock Star!

 75% of Americans (not including global) have social media profiles. 

Unlimited avenues to achieving social media marketing success,

with calls to action 60 second voice over videos and BCScontent.   






A 500-word web copy may not fit the promotional need that a 60 second voice over infomercial on YouTube can offer. Traditional advertisement may be replaced with on the edge content that peaks the interest of untapped consumer markets. Our voice over infomercial Story Adz may be the answer to that fulfillment.

Your campaigns can become that downbeat or electronic drumbeat or portray a subtle elegance of grays and black, that become the call to action for thousands of new buyers.

Get your existing consumer base all fired up.


Our Team

Our Story

We’re growing. From seasoned pros to the very young and brilliant, we reside from Orange County California to the southeast, we are a growing team of professionals.

Meet the Team with Voice Over Professional Cathi Patino


Everyone has a compelling story.  Content is king and BCScontent will design your storybook from beginning to a happy everafter.