BCSolutions commitment to you


BCSolutions.com will receive assigned Project Agreement prior to accepting a detail statement of work. The completed and signed form can be faxed or emailed. A hardcopy of the signed agreement must be mailed the next day.

As our Business Associate you have the choice of delivery mode for completed work. The resulting delivery fee will be applied to the final cost of project.

Hourly rates are billed in thirty minute increments after the first hour. A minimum of one hour will be charged on all work that accompanies a faxed and signed agreement

Work requiring shorten time frames to completion of 24 hours or less (as well as Holidays and Sundays) will incur an additional service charge.

An additional service charge will be billed for all work received after 5 p.m. CST (unless notified 3 hours in advanced).

A turn around time to completion is 48 hours in most standard administrative projects. All other projects requiring additional time will be stipulated differently in the “agreement”. This will be according to the details contained in our “work agreement”

All projects require a 50% deposit of the total agreed upon amount. This amount is payable prior to commencing work.

Retainer agreements are available and must be received signed two weeks prior to onset of first project. Payment is due on the 15th of each month.

Reduced rates on services are available with retainer agreements

As partner in our successfully completing your project, we require Business Associates to approve the accuracy of work and contents upon completion of project, prior to final payment.

BCSolutions.com will not be responsible for loss, damage, or delay in delivery of finished projects due to natural disruptions, computer virus and/or circumstances considered beyond our control. Nor are we liable for content of material.

Payment terms can be negotiated.