Breaking News Content


Ever notice how breaking news happens every day all day and objects of trending moments pass like…? I’ve found in many ways headlines above and below the fold have relevance when composing daily talking points content. Trends also color my language.

The way you say, “this can make money”…may hold more meaning with these words, “more Schmoney in my pocket”. 

Now I’m not sayin’ that old school grammar is passé…just sayin’ it’s good to learn its place. 

And did you know? 

Yingluck Shinawatra be sitting it out in Dubai

Thailand Prime Minster Yingluck Shinawatra sentenced to five years in absentia thanks to a rice subsidy scandal. 

Rice prices (and its fluctuations) influences businesses. Uses of rice as a commodity travel beyond just the food consumption of grain. We’re talking about how this bit of breaking news may influence the bottom line performance of some businesses.  

Changes in the cost of supply side rice affects the production of wine, vinegar, beauty products, beverages and art supplies to name just a few. 

Think about it, how many clients have net earnings sensitive to changes in rice prices?