Grant Peters the Man We Should’ve Known


‘Twas like any other first day of the first semester of the academic year at Malcolm X Community College.  They called them Community Colleges back in those days. They were places where the needfulness of a good education found one.  But truth beknown, for a meager tuition that education was superior. Location was its only challenge.

Bordered by less than perfect neighborhoods then Malcolm X College is situated on the southwest side of Chicago.

In a predominantly African American community college on the first day of Letha Robinson’s new Nephrology Technology homeroom class, sat a very white small guy named Grant Peters. Aside from a few staff and faculty Grant was the only white man outside Cook County Medical Center on the opposite side of the Douglas Expressway.

Grant Peters may have presented as a small framed white male that looked far too frail to be in a westside Chicago neighborhood.

But his self-assured attitude and look of confidence soon dominated the small class. Grant wore an angry determined look that silently said, “leave me alone because I already know more than you” or “please come be my friend cause I’m alone and brave”. I embraced the later and that was an excellent choice.

As our friendship grew we learnt a lot about each other.

Grant was from a small suburb of Pittsburgh, I grew up on Chicago’s southside. Comfortable with my pedigree I was always amazed with how Grant managed to gain respect outside of that nurturing bubble of doting older parents left behind in Pittsburgh. I remembered thinking that was why he was so brave. His parents were fearless enough to love their only child with open arms.

Our class soon came to understand that Grant Peters was the finest reasons of why we were there. His challenge to us was to become just as smart about his disease to become its greatest advocates… like him.

His challenges were never outwardly visible.

To the contrary, he rarely talked of his three times weekly dialysis, or the fact that for the first time in his life strangers not his nurse mom, were administering to his needs as an outpatient at Northwestern Memorial satellite dialysis unit.

In those days there were few schools equipped to teach that discipline and the science of renal dialysis was new. But my buddy managed to keep his 4-point average and complete the curriculum to move on to study first at University of Illinois Chicago Campus and later return to Pittsburgh to complete his undergraduate and become part of a research team.

Years, life, and different states separated us for a time.

But one day during one of our heated phone discussions about End Stage Renal Disease Grant expressed the need to challenge the current treatment choices – or lack of. You see he acquired a new kidney – a successful transplant that added quality to his life. Grant felt that choice should be part of treatment offerings for all End Stage Patients. He felt it was their right to have the choice of adjusting daily routines around machines or have the chance of an improved quality of life with transplantation.  So I dared him to do something about this idea and he did.

First he composed An Argument for the Clinical and Economical Efficacy, on the Utilization of Kidney Transplantation Over Long-term Dialysis in ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease) , framed as a proposition.

On April 30, 2015, we began work on his idea of attending a John Hopkins post graduate program. On May 22, 2015 we completed the edits and submitted to Johns Hopkins University Advanced Academic Master’s Program in Biotechnology Enterprise and Entrepreneurship.

I don’t think I could be prouder then in that moment when he called to tell me was accepted. But then moments of silly pride took me again in the years that followed when he called to complain that he set the grade curve yet again.

 He thought it awful that his fellow students were not committed enough.

You see this was the point of his life. This was the legacy gifted to him from parents, family and friends, the drive to improve life…. never give up on making things better.

Beneath the gruff exterior of an unyielding man challenged in telling his truths in soothing language, beat the heart of a warrior. He didn’t rise at dawn to advantage a wonderful physique. He rose to make brain muscles in order to know how to make his life and others’ lives better.

The Grant Peters that I knew was brave, strong, sometimes funny, and a loyal friend. Most of all he was the smartest man I will ever know.

Grant passed today, January 24, 2018. Didn’t want to cry today, but the tears come anyways.


Elon Musk and Tesla Branding by Barbara Cerda


If you’ve been blessed to attend an Elon Musk interview you realize that people come away with their own interpretations of his newest concept explanations.

Most folks that are inherently geeky always enjoy the content. Because Mr. Musk has the innate ability to speak to the nerd in all of us. I like to think of him as the “What if guy” or the “Genius solution provider”, ‘cause that’s what he does best.

Thinkers and wish takers always find value in his bells and whistles that create his amazing new toys, problem solvers and drawing board concepts that become fodder for the next Sci-Fi novel.  But most of all – the world wants to know what makes him different and how can they become the next universal “problem solving genius”.

What I’ve noticed most is that he spends an inordinate amount of his talent and resources on the following;

  • Innovation that serves the masses.
  • Concepts that improve communication
  • Simple solutions that address complex challenges.

And then I wonder what features make his branding so sexy and compelling? And my take on this is the following;

  • He manages to make geeky a valuable and sexy commodity
  • He addresses his audiences in simple English
  • There’s a sense of honesty in his body language, gestures and manner of speaking
  • Most important he’s persistent. These are traits everyone values… persistence produces stability.

In composing content, I take in consideration a few of these observations.

Storylines created about the maker of a product or service should be compelling and attractive, drawing on the readers imagination.

The language should speak to the audience in plain simple words. The content, whether visual or articles, should convey a sense of unforced honesty.

The marketing strategy must be consistent and constantly innovative.






Scrum Ways that Led to 3G iPhones

One spring day in the year 2002 Chicago’s AWS (AT&T Wireless Services) FSA One’s, OMC (Operations Management Center) was tasked to lead in the data migration project from the outdated reporting software to new.  Failure of the project would result in regional disruption of service for three states. This data dump to its upgrade followed the implementation of the 3G roll out in the prior year

The OMC quant data reports detail the activities of field operations. This includes its personnel, fleet information, switch and cell site locations and tower and cell site leasing agreements, RF Engineering data, and their relationship for three states. And most important the system transmits alerts to field operatives and management of potential issues. There’s a prescribed time limit to respond.  It was understood this regional updating would also be impactful to the NOC (National Operations Center) in Washington State.

Not only were we tasked with being the lead in this rollout, we had two weeks to formalize and test our work within the new untested software environments. With the help of NOC personnel and as project lead my focus and project description was to gather and migrate as much operational data as possible, into the new reporting system. I decided on a dry run deliverable within five days, understanding that predictable good outcomes were problematic.

This was post 9/11 and the new 3G footprint implementation environment. All these intended and unintended upheavals and company wide tensions high.

After four days of data migration, checking rechecking reports I left the Chicago OMC offices after initiating the new monitoring system.  We had six days before expected completion and I was fully prepared for fall out.

I was project lead… and had confidence in the hands of kind strangers…. the NOC techs.  They were the first to monitor for notification of any out of the ordinary alarms from cell sites or switches and the first line before escalation.

The wait was not long.

Two hours later found me shopping for a new personal phone when my AWS iPhone began to beep, that familiar tone that says a switch is having a hard time reading incoming data and we’re escalating in a few minutes.

Speeding down a busy Kennedy going north, night time highway lights flashing by and I’m taking agitated call after agitated call. The fixes resulted in late nights for all concerned. The morning reveal was this.

The solutions turned out to be small and fixable, simple manual data entry of omissions of contact data for a few field operatives…. contractors for cell site maintenance.

The early software runs had little or no impact on consumer service. Cell and switch alarm protocols set in place worked to suppress exposure to failure. The new reporting software captured the outer tendrils of the spider web of data.

By the morning of the great reveal we were eager to lean forward during the conference calls.  We participated in lively and productive coast to coast conversations centered around how the system worked, its flaws, and what to look forward to in the series of national rollouts to come.

Shorten timelines on deliverables helped to benchmark potential failures that included reports detailing the problems and subsequent fixes. The final rollout ran as smooth as glass.

Although the process was at times stressful, especially in moments of alarms and the confusion of gathering missing data. Protocols mimicking Scrum helped in ferreting out hidden worries and risks while offering ample opportunity to apply solutions.

And the NOC had full disclosure for production of procedural manuals in how and what to anticipate in future rollouts of reporting systems.

I look back on the days of pre-Scrum and now appreciate its principles. I wonder why it took so long to formalize these concepts into something coherent and usable across all industries. The Scrum process is important to building trust within lean project teams while developing confidence in reporting systems. Both are vital tools of Project Management.

My experiences during this project made living with 3G much more comfortable.

Breaking News Content


Ever notice how breaking news happens every day all day and objects of trending moments pass like…? I’ve found in many ways headlines above and below the fold have relevance when composing daily talking points content. Trends also color my language.

The way you say, “this can make money”…may hold more meaning with these words, “more Schmoney in my pocket”. 

Now I’m not sayin’ that old school grammar is passé…just sayin’ it’s good to learn its place. 

And did you know? 

Yingluck Shinawatra be sitting it out in Dubai

Thailand Prime Minster Yingluck Shinawatra sentenced to five years in absentia thanks to a rice subsidy scandal. 

Rice prices (and its fluctuations) influences businesses. Uses of rice as a commodity travel beyond just the food consumption of grain. We’re talking about how this bit of breaking news may influence the bottom line performance of some businesses.  

Changes in the cost of supply side rice affects the production of wine, vinegar, beauty products, beverages and art supplies to name just a few. 

Think about it, how many clients have net earnings sensitive to changes in rice prices?



The Future of Video Promotional Content Holds Real Promise. by Barbara Cerda for ChapterSee

canstockphoto5982381 emarketing While debating on the how to or which promotional avenues work best in transporting your masterpiece into the realms of a digital rock star, consider this. Creating episodic videos to promote your book(s) can propel your bona fides as a high-ranking author and a New York Times bestseller.

Like forecasting financial markets, you want to judge performance; will video marketing tools deliver success? That path to ascension must demonstrate what is needful to be a trendsetter now and in the future. Maximizing your advertising efforts and dollars into promotional overdrive should be your top priority. Although, America and United Kingdom followed by Europe still hold the lead in purchasing power of digital devices, these sectors in emerging economies show trending healthy growth and future increases in usage and sales. An amazing expansion in growth of digital content is in EU, Middle East, and Africa or the EMEA. This is where global marketers have found their focus…and so should you. Incorporating videos into your eMarketing efforts safeguards your place in an expanding universe of new readers.

What does the world hold for writers who become thought and imaginative digital disruptors?

We all look daily for new and exciting content to highlight our days. Avid consumers of innovative writing are growing and so are the numbers of Indie writers and authors. To garner an ever-increasing readership, they are making of themselves superstars by way of social media. Successful authors are using the most powerful software available in becoming digital disruptors…the mind.

As the ultimate software processor, our brains absorb information faster when bombarded with appealing sights and sounds. New digital marketing applications designed to spark interest through videos is a phenomena that is expanding throughout digital marketing cultures. Leading the pack in the myriad cosmos of social media are the tried and true favorites that have had time to mature and become test proven. Favorites like Instagram, Youtube, Bing, Facebook, and Google (Alphabet) own unlimited resources fed by public money. They will gobble up the market share of social media users and marketers of the future. They have become the constant innovators and continue to adapt into a perfect biosphere for hawking books and content. They are also a prime place to keep an eye on what is current and new in video software and appliances.

Most applications for creating and editing videos are free or at a small cost to download. Coupling press releases with a 60-second video can boost sales by 54%. Although, collaborating with professional VNR (Video News Release) can be costly. Taking a few days to acquaint yourself with applications that make learning the process easy is worth the time. A few of the more popular ones is iMovie, Pinnacle Studio Pro, Kinemaster for Android, Movie Edit Touch, and Quik are features for Instagrammers. All are free or available for download at a nominal cost. An important scalable feature is that they are suitable for anyone with pics and videos sloshing about on their iOS devices. Look to the eMarketing giants who own organic growth and have the resources to hold their lead.

Facebook looks to retain its dominance in social media by promising to keep updating trademark applications like Instant Articles. Google is experimenting with in-Search Engine Results Page (in-SERP) for video advertising. Another feature of these applications is that they play friendly with universally popular web hosts and content management systems like WordPress. This enables social media participation and the sharing of promotional costs.

Coauthoring is growing in popularity.

Authors and digital marketers are collaborating on large and small content projects. The willingness to share varied writing style, language, skills, and genre preferences are creating content partnerships. They are helping in redefining digital promotional futures. Large projects like epic novels to short stories in fiction and nonfiction, authors are collaborating while sharing a title and promotional costs.

You own the power of words that will hold meaning in the digital world now and in the far future.

No matter your eMarketing choices, they must provide ease of tracking, be scalable across mobile devices, and be agile, engaging, and responsive. Video promotion checks all the boxes as one of the best promotional tools. Because of its nimbleness and unlimited growth potential, it also offers the best ROI (Return on Investment).

This is the first in our conversations on video promotions for books. ChapterSee cannot guarantee success in using this amazing tool but we welcome commentary and feedback on user experiences.

Join Our World of Enticing Digital Content

Let Us Talk Exceptionality…You

The most important element that you contribute to the “contract” agreement between you and your client is exceptionality. You are like no one in the universe. You come to the virtual table with a one of a kind tool…the ability to deliver content writing of which you own the expertise.

As unique as your fingerprint the elements you bring to your writings are matchless. Do your words convey this? Do the graphics and visual compilations pronounce this?


To continue your trek in the universe as a successful serial entrepreneur the importance of media and content should already be part of your comfort zone. Redirected those important streams of revenue …they are waiting.

Use content to channel a river of wealth to your business through absurdly wonderful articles. It is so simple. The words will convey what you can do and how you will do it. Answer the question “What can you do for me”, with eloquent simplicity. Better yet, create a video that will demonstrate what you do in visual compilations.

Content is King

Fast moving and precision-targeted messages coupled with graphics rule the universe. There are patrons that want you to bring them happiness. You own a commerce that will make that happen. Convey that skill with words that compel, shout, and scream how green their business “gardens” will grow. Only with your product or service, will you reconfigure the needs of future clientele. While making existing ones cling to your every word.

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Payment terms can be negotiated.


Cathi Parrish

On-Air Host, KOST Radio (business partner) Mid Day On-Air Host at K-Wave 107.9; Morning On-Air Host at K-Wave Las Vegas 98.1 (remote); VO Professional

“Barbara Cerda is a strategic thinker in matters of business. She is focused with a clear vision of the goal.”February 27, 2013 

Mid Day On-Air Host at K-Wave 107.9; Morning On-Air Host at K-Wave Las Vegas 98.1 (remote); VO Professional

Barbara Cerda is a strategic thinker in matters of business. She is focused with a clear vision of the goal.

February 27, 2013, Cathi was with another company when working with Barbara “Bobann” at AMRO Services Company


Carl Branco


Insightful and concise; Barbara has been a valued contributor to our projects for many years. Her innate capacity to see the big picture through the weeds of data and articulate the message is a value to any organization. We look forward to future collaborations with Barbara.