You don’t expect to hear about politics or a personal story of love and cultural discovery at a tech conference. One of the largest tech conferences in the world Collision 2018 held so many surprises for this writer.

In a time of extreme cultural polarization and the constant chatter of sovereign isolationism. An American fell in love with an amazing woman, discovered a culture, and crafted a new business south of the border.  Joseph Daniels discovered a seriously outmoded Liquefied Petroleum Gas delivery system.

The incredible waste and shortfall in efficiency in the way Liquefied Petroleum Gas is delivered in Mexico ignited a brilliant concept that solves challenges of energy supply and demand. It’s called FiggoApp

It’s logical that only a son of a Detroit automotive family would recognize an opportunity to do a Liquefied Petroleum Gas delivery system logistic make over and craft an application that serves and conserves. Designed to serve LPG drivers and consumers, Figgo is elegant in its simplicity. Joseph Daniels is streamlining the outmoded logistics of delivering LPG or  Liquefied Petroleum Gas to poorly serviced areas. Ingenuity that works in real time.

During our conversation at Collision 2018. The epiphany that sparked the crafting of the application concept came clear in Joseph’s animated voice. He described the discovery of the culture of entrepreneurism in Mexico.  He explains that it’s a way of life that ignites the alchemy of innovative thoughts in others. The Figgo App became real with Joseph Daniels’ introduction of efficiency into an inefficient supply system. By curbing wasted fuel, it’s eco-friendly as well.

Blending these concepts within applications that serve an eco-friendly environment with the logistics of supplying LPG to driver and consumer is magic.

Being one of the largest Liquefied Petroleum Gas producers in the world it is the most important economic sector in Mexico. Figgo App steps in to support a healthier LPG economy. By reworking areas of the country’s current outmoded supply chain system. Figgo App crafts extreme functionality into an energy supply chain.  Joseph Daniels’ applications makes an LPG middleman more than stage craft. It’s the real story of how one man became the solution to an ignored problem.

The deliverance of efficient logistics and supply chain management proves that politics of “the other” holds no relevance in a world where love and entrepreneurship thrives.

“Logic dictated and satisfied the need to streamline an energy supply chain.” FiggoApp at Collision 2018