Collision Conference 2019 / Toronto May 20 – 23 2019

It’s time again for North America’s fastest growing tech conference, Collision May 2019 in Toronto.

This year promises to be even better than last year’s amazing Collision 2018 in New Orleans. And as part of the media pool, I’ll be onboard to journal and create copy about the event.

The same team that energizes the world with all things tech at the Web Summit Altice in November 2019 brings us Collision 2019 Toronto.  We’ll be there again this year to journal, chat and explore the universe of guest speakers, CEOs and unicorn founders, the movers and energizers of the newest tech companies.   

The opportunities to stake your claim to stories that will reform the technical universe is now. Schedules, a list of celebrities and news-makers are available for interviews and will remain so throughout the event. The time is now to submit your choices for exciting articles for digital copies.  This is perfect timing to get informative and exciting technical news stories and interviews to your subscribers and influencers.

Publishing copy from BcScontent offers exclusivity and availability.  And submissions of our digital content can be a valuable tool for getting breaking news on the most nascent technology not yet introduced.

We have a few exclusive interviews from Collision 2018 perfect for digital copies that are still available. These stories may interest your publication.

  • Meet the man creating a new ecological approach to energy commerce between Mexico and the US.
  • Blockchain technology has entered pay per reading in Quebec.
  • He’s reshaping the music world with his own label and he’s a new celebrity DJ with a few impactful thoughts.