Our tailored content offers your business tremendous potential.  We compose SEO rich that will animate and add value to your website.

Content created for your business will increase global reach. And will expand your professional profile on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

We compose content tailored to your goals.


Goals and project plan: Youtube and Instagram Opportunities

New re-purposeful 30to 60 second videos will be created to tell your business story, Story Adz.

Our team of creative talents will make new animated content ideas each day. We enjoy the making of SNS content that blend demographic borders. BcS recognizes and creates content tailored for the forming domination of Generations Y and Z in SNS markets, with animated 30 sec ads.


BcScontent has a broad and deep pool of knowledge. Our content is well researched with proper attributions assigned to each article or writing. Because our content is tailored to cross many business sectors – all research matter is curated for future creatives.



For technical enthusiast and technology businesses, we borrow the insane energy of tech meccas Collision and Web Summit. Publishing copy from BcScontent offers exclusivity and availability.  And submissions of our digital content can be a valuable tool for getting breaking news on the most nascent technology not yet introduced.

We have a few exclusive interviews from Toronto Collision May 2019 perfect for digital copies that are still available. These stories may interest your publication.




Content created for advanced subject matter sometimes requires good editing. BcScontent can reshape words to better convey the writer’s subject. We write to the subject matter that spans to cross diverse business sectors.


Expanding market share requires an understanding of how to be front and center in media every day. Scheduled informative newsletters that show up in boxes, on social media, and directly to your customer base is smart branding.