Discover Your True Value as an Author


A nexus of cross-purposes is a ghostly presence that haunts all writers. It is their commonality.

True and accurate quantification of bookmakers is rare. How do you estimate the real value of an author’s abilities? Nevertheless, creating fiction or nonfiction is a needful requirement in every industry. Gifts of “word-smithing” create new worlds and can reshape common values. Faced with the dichotomy between marketing their works at true value while acknowledging the mediocrity of economic realities… authors must choose. There needs be food on the table, rent and mortgages to be paid, and lifestyles to maintain.

I read an article recently about acknowledging contributions of writers’ to the actual return of investment in marketing. Considered more a liability than an asset, rarely are writers valued in their support to successful campaigns.

An author’s talent for conveying ideas in words is a promotional asset. Their contributions should not appear as a liability on an accounting ledger. It is a necessary tool in achieving successful marketing outcomes. The same holds true in how an author places value on his/her own work. No one can properly compensate a gift. Nevertheless, everyone should place the highest value possible on novelists, and that starts with you the author.

Achieving the proper return on your investment of time and creativity is a needful challenge, one you should never ignore. Social network sites like ChapterSee are not only a smart ROI (Return of Investment). It is a common sense approach to achieving a writer’s or publishers’ literary success.

When mentioning ROI I am referring to not only the actual monetary investment in marketing and promoting, but also the economic term “opportunity costs”. This takes into consideration the hidden expenditures of time spent in researching material, editing and efforts taken away from employment pursuits. Authoring a book contains great intrinsic values. Nevertheless, recognition of your work can only become a revelation to readers by way of aggressive promotion and smart pricing.


This nascent digital era can garner respectful fans from all over the world. Only through proper channels and funnels of high traffic sites, can you achieve fair compensation for your undiscovered abilities. They help in creating your brand.

Amazon makes 83,000 online sales every 60 seconds. YouTube users upload 72 hours of new video every minute. A remarkable social network dedicated to the magic of imagery and a wonderful space to advertise book covers. Pinterest users repin over 3,000 images per 60 seconds. To throw another impressive number in the mix, daily global usage of the internet has grown to 2.4 billion people. Note the word “grow”, because internet usage is developing into an organic medium for communication.

Claim your market share.

Over the top exposure of your book cover, will garner sales. Book promoting social networks help in personalizing the author and his work. ChapterSee can help you grow in reader popularity while creating your own niche. It expands the opportunities to sell your work at its true market value. Hawking your titles at a fraction of their worth has unintended consequences.

Lowering costs for books have a ripple effect that flows throughout the literary community. It reduces the compensation point for all writers, especially those who have yet to attain recognition. There are avenues to self-promotion that require meager to none marketing dollars for independent writers and publishers. It requires your own creative input and attention to details. Author and publisher niche sites attract readers.


Website networking communities like ChapterSee can offer a huge helping hand to achieving literary recognition. Marketing budget or no, it takes time to build a dedicated customer base. This is where social media and network communities specific to authoring can save a lot of money and time. ChapterSee tracks web traffic, mimics larger digital marketing giants and brings them to you, then directs your readers to the sales link.

It is a very needful thing to post your work on, Barnes and Noble, and the like. Nevertheless, when you add your literary treasure to their pile of millions, it becomes impossible to be noticed in a sea of images. You MUST put niche social networks first in your marketing toolbox.

Displaying your cover on author and publishers’ social networks like ChapterSee increases your exposure to potential buyers that become repeat consumers and subscribers to your brand.