EPublishing trends for 2016

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Is EPublishing dying?

When I started my investigations on subject matter ideas for this article, my focus went first, to how ePublishing and consumption of eBooks are trending in emerging markets. What I found most enlightening is that the most commonly used device to view and or read digital content is the iphone.

So I thought it logical to look to emerging markets like India, where iphone and tablets are widely used. A startup tech company in India called Micromax Informatics got my attention. They create 30 new phones a year compared to Apple who produces only two. Imagine having enough people to consume that many phones. India’s consumption of digital devices is hot and getting warmer. As the man says, there is no stop in their market growth. The realities are that India and China – like other emerging markets – may buy a lot of readers and iphone – but they do not use them to read books. Anticipating on a presumption of market behavior, even when the fundamentals support, is not always a proper bellwether. Hard solid numbers tell the truth.

EPublishing data collectors portend a steady growth over the next 5 years. The popularity and success of self-publishing has opened an entire new dynamic to eBook promotion. Markets trending the healthiest remain in the United States and in Europe. Absent social hurdles incumbent in emerging countries, we are using all mobile devices to read a book. The rising star is the iphone followed by the tablet. Giving rise to another new phenomenon the digital publishing application.

EPOD or Electronic Publishing on Demand apps is easier to navigate and offer more in the way of being end user friendlier than websites. The US is leading the pack in the production and implementation of new digital book creating and viewing apps. Content streaming enablers like Alphabet (Google), Amazon, Microsoft and YouTube are anticipating digital content spending based on current and trending behaviors.

Mobilegeddon is upon us. EBook readers lag in usage because we are using other more commonly used mobile devices to enjoy content.

Google has created the concept of “Mobilegeddon” which is driving through the digital world like a warm knife through butter. To be noticed Web content must play friendly with a broad range of mobile devices. The updated algorithm simply put…recognizes original content in different ways. Coupled with social media and video streaming players consumers make the iphone and tablet their commonly used device to read and enjoy content. Creating a mobile friendly sixty-second video to announce a new eBook on YouTube is smart digital promotion. This acts as an excellent way of converting book blog views to book buyers.

“I wish I could give you a clear answer, but after nearly a month of investigation into whether Apple or Barnes & Noble is now the second-largest ebook retailer in the US, this is the best I have: It depends.” – Jeremy Greenfield Digital Book World

Our digital world is redefining how we publish. What is undergoing the most change is where readers are enjoying your work. Devices are not mobile we are. The “who” of digital marketing and visual avenues pointing to your labor is growing and changing as well. Amazon is still leading the pack in eBook economies. A reason why is the constant of introduction of new publishing apps. Coming up as close second in sales of digital content and tied with B&N is Apple, the world’s premier application producer. What better way to assuage the greedy crowds standing in line for the newest phone than to give them an unlimited source of content. Enter from the wings is a continuing flow of eBooks. What better way to be in touch with the newest in free and new eBooks than YouTube.

YouTube is one streaming media that is aiming to be the premier go-to for all digital content. As all social media expands its reach and ability to capture audience attention, so will the avenues authors will tread to becoming well read. That means eventually opening new markets. Global tech leaders Jack Dorsey (Twitter), Tim Cook (Apple) and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), are striving to make happy the digital content populace. They are merging and emerging as premier sources of digital advertising for bookmakers and publishers.

The good news is that for those living and producing eBooks on this side of world…the prospects are looking good.

According to, ePublishing trends are set to grow over the next 5 years in the United States, followed by Europe and the UK. The segment within ePublishing showing the strongest growth is eBooks. Considering that English is still holding as dominate global language, it would make sense that English speaking writers and authors will still be in demand.

Wall Street requires steady growth in the number of new and upgraded devices. They will need constant content for its users and an influx of story contributors. It is all about being a widely viewed author – isn’t it?

There was another revelation lying dormant within the data of publishing trends.

Hardcover educational or reference books that normally make rich global publishers are becoming more available and at less cost through digital bookmaking. The cost to produce digitally technical works is less expensive than rendering the material in the traditional hardback or trade paper covers. It’s about the economics of manpower and materials.

What surprised me the most is that contrary to popular belief, paper trade media is growing just as strong as eBooks especially in Japan and parts of the European markets. It makes intellectual property and copy write laws easier to define. Recent intellectual laws governing digital media have undergone legal speed bumps. Because of Amazon’s nascent eBook and digital rental, language and agreements become more widely used.

The take away is that the popularizing of reading books on digital devices in emerging markets will grow. So keeping current with digital promotions in the US is wise, but learning how to address marketing language for emerging cultures should be on your to do lists.

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