Your Evolution as an Occidental Freelancer

Working as a freelancer encompasses many highs, one of them (if predisposed to solitary employment) is having the ability of working alone. Another is the pleasure of being of service and a contributor to many different creative people and types of businesses. Yet it can be very lonely as well.

stephan and beachFreelancer as a title infers long hours of laboring your own pace while engaging in many responsibilities. It is hard to avoid long hours that turn into long days absorbed with the completion of projects with stern time and scope parameters. Often ideas will arise for services that you may not offer. Perhaps you lack a particular skill or simply not have the time. This is the opportune moment to think of working with others.

Collaboration or “the act of working together with one or more people in order to achieve the same goal”, is worthy of consideration. Just as your talents are highly specialized, so are others. All service providers have a common goal, to achieve excellence for their clients. To that end, working with others is a worthwhile undertaking.

It starts by understanding what your talents are. Network with others in your circle and discover how their gifts stack up in relation to yours. Absolute compliance to agreements is understood before assuming shared work. The results can be a highly customized product or service.

Toiling as a single force can be a boon to your bottom line and your clients’ commerce. Whether it is a commitment to an ongoing big project or the polishing up of small ones, conjoined administrative responsibilities with clearly devised and equitable payouts can equal total success. You are becoming a viable corporate entity in an uncompromising business world.

Competition is another good reason why freelancers should work in partnership. As a group, you are forming a powerful talent pool. Your group of specialized freelancers is mimicking a larger formal corporation. That under ordinary circumstances could mean a costlier contract for the client. As a group, you comprise a broader less expensive skill base.

Build a network of associates. Use a scalable and customizable web-based network like Google+ or LinkedIn. Grow your network by participating in online chats in order to share project news and collaborations. This is also a perfect place to leave professional feedback for each other.

Great reviews from peers on a job well done can be priceless. In addition, it can be a place to acquire impromptu needful backup for backlogged work and to free up needed time for fellow members.

Remember to keep in mind some common sense approaches when networking with other freelancers. Think to collaborate with contractors that you trust. Who would play well within the group culture? Having skills in common is a plus, but coming together with other freelancers entails joined responsibilities as well. You must be prepared to step in and do your part or fill in when needed. Your special network of SMEs is a growing business – treat it as such. The evolution in becoming a strong alliance of specialized occidental freelancers can be very rewarding