News Release Freedom Fidos Event October 8, 2019

For Release on October 3, 2019

Freedom Fido’s Warrior Outreach Event

A Proclamation

Service Dogs for Veterans Awareness Week

In Columbus GA— on October 8, 2019 Announcing an event to debut the first disabled veterans’ bill of its kind, from the desk of the Governor of The State of Georgia, Governor Brian Kemp.

Exciting and timely details of this bill will make its public debut at Warrior Outreach, Inc, in Fortson GA

“You still see the warrior spirit in them,” Burgess said. “It gives them their quality of life back that a lot of them had lost.” –Matt Burgess BY CHARLES D. PERRY – CPERRY@THESUNNEWS.COM

We have a rare opportunity to come face to face with people who are giving to our world a gift that will last for generations. Freedom Fidos founder Matt Burgess and Kristine Duncan and their amazing all-volunteer team love and train canine service dogs for our heroes.

Sheltered only dogs learn better what they know best, to serve those that need them the most.

The State of Georgia is committed to providing all possible assistance to its veterans.

Highlights of the event will showcase an address from First Lady of Georgia, Marty Kemp. Moreover, there will be a reveal of what services the bill will serve, including assistance dog educational programs. Also, remarks and introduction of Freedom Fidos teams, including their stars Matt Burgess and his forever friend Brinks and Kristine Duncan and her training partner Oakley. Freedom Fidos provides well-trained service dogs for disabled veterans for free.

Also, a texperienced anthologist and author R. Rice will preview her companion book, “Walk in my Paws.” This novel is a compellation of compelling stories about the journeys of service dogs and their forever friends.

We have much gratitude and many thanks, to Texas Roadhouse for lunch.

Honor our veterans and kick off the first in our country –

Service Dogs for Veterans Week – beginning at 11:00 AM on October 8, 2019

 Say thank you to our disabled veterans and their dedicated friends.

Contact Information:

Warrior Outreach, Inc.

Fortson GA 31808
Warrior Outreach, Inc.  
Sgt, Major Sam Rhodes
warrioroutreach @ gmail.com

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Freedom Fidos
6361 Talokas Ln C140
PMB, Suite 183
Columbus, GA, 31909 762-583-0901

Freedom Fidos Service Dogs for Our Heroes     

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Author Ramona Rice  

Deafblind Advocate and Non-Profit Advocacy