Economic change

An argument for smart financial and economic regulation

I offered this piece to Surface Earth on Saturday, July 21, 2012. The solutions then are the solutions now. Most important it is not whether we change our policies and reconstruct our economic protocols…it is how. So far…as we enter the era of President Elect Donald Trump’s nascent administration, indicators are that those who looked to him for relief and change will be disappointed.

In those still moments of reflection we all enjoy imaging the quintessential living space that brings a smile to our lips; for many of us its hot summer nights sitting on a foot tapping porch. The night air is still with only the remnants of warm aromas of home cooking lingering in the air. In our memories are the small towns where the air rang with the rhythmic pats on foot tapping porches. To music accompanied by the harmonic twanging cords of “Salty Dog”. Soft breezes disturb the still heat that contain the smells of honey suckle. This conjures up long forgotten recollections of small towns called Mayberry that contained a Sheriff named Andy Taylor.

The fictional Mayberry R.F.D symbolizes a way of life where the simplicities of common sense economics companioned our daily lives, adding an elusive assurance that all was right.

It was the era of the 1950’s and 1960’s where Andy Griffith helped millions of us to understand that the simplicity of that life was vital and real. It was where a single dirt road led to the house of miserly Ben Weaver the fictional town’s only real estate baron and department store owner. Even Mayberry’s troublemaker Ernest T. Bass held a vital function in maintaining the delicate small rural town economic balance, in the selling and marketing of his moonshine.

When joining the savings club you got a new toaster for your trouble. The banker was your neighbor, realtor, and insurance agent, never your money broker or high finance investment advisor. The passing of Andy Griffith last week was emblematic of the death of a simpler monetary system. Andy Griffith was part of that down home Christian value system. The strong brilliant thread wove tight the fabric that cloaked our dreams. It was during this time that University of Chicago Economic Professor, Nobel Prize winner and Washington policy advisor Milton Freidman was teaching the concepts of the evils of creeping socialism.

Ernest T’s moonshine business was an example of unfettered capitalism. The government agents stalking him in the hills and woods of North Carolina was an early sign of encroaching government imposed socialism, the strangling hold of government regulation on “hooch”. Mayberry was a simplification of the economists’ model and illustration detailed by Adam Smith in his “Invisible Hand “. This concept framed much of what Mr. Friedman embraced. Let commerce reign free of regulations. The markets will dictate what quality is and what shapes the viability of a business. Mayberry was an economic model that demonstrated those concepts.

In Mayberry R.F.D. the veneers of safety, sound mortgage practices and foot-tapping porch homes holding their market value, reinforced our beliefs of future comfort.

Bank savings accounts and nest eggs would be there for generations. Decades later Savings and Loan Banks, unable to compete with the growing number of financial firms offering non-banking services and products were almost put out of business. The markets demonstrated that their viability in a changing global financial environment was not possible. Account holders heard threats of untold losses. Nevertheless, government intervention saved many nest eggs. Then came deregulation and multinational banks grew in unbelievable power.

A decade after the deregulation of banking, investment banker James “Jamie” Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan and non-resident of Main Street, admitted that through dishonesty his firm was suffering a loss of an estimated $4 billion. Then UK based Barclays, known for its clusters of banking businesses revealed cheating in mortgage indexes or LIBOR speculations. Globally dominant in both corporate and investment banking services they contain the largest group of wealth managers. Most recent disaster du jour is HSBC. It dominated business news when their monetary laundering and terrorists’ ties came to glaring light. Huge monetary exposures in the mismanagement of investment funds scandal or mortgage banking cheats have undermined the confidence of the populace in multinational or universal banks. Many politicians parrot the economic phrases of Economist Milton Freidman who spent a lifetime evaluating the reasons why banking should not be government regulated. In the event of another financial meltdown – much of the world’s wealth would be loss.

The regulation or deregulation of our financial institutions is not the only cause and effect of global economic stress.

Blame many of our economic woes on global structural unemployment. It swells liquidity artificially through social benefits like unemployment payments while not addressing the need for full employment. Nevertheless, the late Mr. Friedman shared that any intervention by any government-authorized regulator would merely strangle free enterprise. For example, he cites that when government regulatory artificially sets minimum wage for workers it hampers growth in the private sector. In allowing the job creators to set their own rate of pay, global employers like McDonalds would find it easier to hire more workers at lower hourly wages. Mr. Friedman offers that this is a means to economic stability. It is debated that as long as businesses flourishes under this aegis the society benefits. The realities that are missing are the facts of the burdens on societies in having too many marginalized and under trained laborers. This concept endangers the laborer by marginalizing through inadequate training and encouraging stagnation to upward mobility. This brings to stunning clarity today’s labor market suffering too few well-trained wage earners.

While non-regulated corporations are cultivating over paid executives and feeding a multiplying and greedy stockholder. Multinational corporations thrive.

Yet fiscal uncertainly, vis-à-vis congressional brinkmanship continues to plague projections to healthy outcomes in economic recoveries. A superficial review of Mr. Freidman’s arbitrary observations remains in question. Rather it would be better to cite that the central banks of the world must act as guardians of economies during periods where greed or mismanagement of wealth has created a downturn in economies. If in fact the world held to the views of Adam Smith and Milton Freidman, wild global market fluctuations attributed to Ben Bernanke’s chat events before congress would be non-existent. Yet even Mr. Bernanke must remind the world that he like all global economic regulators, must act within dual mandates.

The dual mandate for the non-governmental agency Federal Reserve System and its FOMC or Federal Open Market Committee is the same as all global economic regulators. In 1977, Congress amended The Federal Reserve Act. Its monetary policy objectives of the Federal Reserve were,

“The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and the Federal Open Market Committee shall maintain long run growth of the monetary and credit aggregates commensurate with the economy’s long run potential to increase production, so as to promote effectively the goals of maximum employment, stable prices and moderate long-term interest rates.”

The science of economics is not a static concept meant to be biblically applied to humanity. Economics is generic and organic. Our system of capitalisms has created the perfect examples of the social contract. We may weave Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand into the mix of what constitutes our complicated economic system. Nonetheless, it must be argued that our current systems enjoying the benefits of a deregulated commerce, has also fabricated an intricate network of needs for socialization and government intervention.

When an economic construct no longer serves in maintaining the health of the system, it will present like boil to be expunged.

Even foot tapping porches have a place in today’s economy.

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7 Ways Forex can make a Difference in Managing Your Projects.

Forex the smart tool

If you think that Brexit outcomes will have little effect on small and/or midcap projects…consider this. Using Forex to forecast foreign currency behavior can keep managing costs of projects agile. Coping with the unforeseen or getting to know currency market unknowable(s) in an age where the global paradigm rewards anticipators of currency shifts, is smart. But ignoring market sentiment’s influence on currency punishes those who rely on the traditional quantitative malaise. Brexit stands as an example of how social outcomes are factors that can shift project costs.

1. Shadow banking influences 85% of daily loan activity and is a major participant in traditional short-term commercial paper trade. Currency rates fluctuate at any moment and influence financial market behavior. Whether an upscale clothing and accessories chain or a business that provisions global services. The price of renting money to meet daily operational cost and or fund a project may change in a heartbeat due to changes in global currencies and the interpretations of Forex trading. Phenomenon like Brexit will alter the behavior of shadow banking and its partnerships.

2. No matter the size of our project funds, the troubles of large global banking institutions, like Germany’s Deutsche Bank, can influence the availability and cost of preserving global liquidity.
There is anticipation of a Brexit led relocation of banks with the accompanying brain drain from the UK. It will have a ripple effect throughout local economies.

Contrary to current indicators of sustained economic growth, a recession will rear its head. A delimited pound will play itself out within the next year and will influence other global monies.

3. Realignment of trade agreements, influences of tariffs and the costs of imports play an important role in cost of supply. Will your supplier pass that additional cost down to you?

4. Even after finalization of the Article 50 agreement, the years of negotiating the messy divorce will and has diverted energy from the economy as it realigns trade agreements. Nervous businesses are already looking to reassert old trade agreements and create new ones inside and outside of the EU.

5. While the Brexit event has lowered pound value, making exports cheaper, supply side economics will soon slow the pace of good news markets.

Next to the US dollar and Euro, the pound is widely used globally as legal tender for goods and services. Sovereign currencies pegged to the Euro and the sterling will experience the slowing markets first. Costs to ongoing projects will be at the whim of changes in expenditures to supply and will influence demand.

6. In 2013, the EU had a population of 210 million making it the second most traded currency in the world. According to the IMF, the Eurozone has the second largest economy in the world. Because UK is a major trader within the single market, the Brexit will have implications to global monetary markets for generations. It would be pure folly to ignore Forex forecast of currency trends.

7. By reciprocal agreements with larger global banks and shadow institutions, all US banks have some exposure to European financial systems. Hedging rules apply. The further out to completion of project the heavier the risks to rate changes. Forex can alert project managers of changes in the fundamentals effecting rate changes.

Think about this. A sovereign’s coin is like a living organ that is reactive to any social or political irritant. While tracking hourly journals of Forex markets will not satisfy all of your quantitative efforts, it is an excellent bell weather of how foreign currencies may influence your project scope.

The science of Forex forecasting offers the advantages of anticipating trending costs over the life of a project. That keeps a Project Manager nimble. Consider this. Market sentiment will increasingly shift global monetary performance. As in the Brexit, which has forever changed how we anticipate human economic behavior and its influence on money.

When Writers’ Broken Hearts become Good Marketers.


A week passed and the booze and seclusion did little to stop the pain that stole my sleep and kept the tears flowing. The sudden loss of my friend, lover, and partner seemed more than I could handle. I thought all was good and right with my world. A great job with a global media marketer, a boyfriend I thought loved and wanted to marry me. Then the door to my dreams suddenly slammed shut leaving me staring into a black abyss. Stark fear and hurt took hold of my senses. There was a desperate need for solace.

Interrupting her busy workday my best friend Aisha responded immediately. I knew she heard all reason abandoned in my shaky voice. Friends since grammar she rearranged her schedule to meet me the next afternoon for lunch. Staring that morning into the bathroom mirror, I tried to calm my nerves enough to apply makeup to hide the dark circles and swollen eyes. The face staring back at me affirmed a struggling recovery from a week of constant booze and too little food. Dulled senses, a stomach churning, and I was throwing up twice a day.

We met on Pearce and Michigan Avenue. My mass of highlighted coils hung over red-rimmed eyes. I knew I looked awful as she suddenly appeared with a hug. I smiled into her beautiful face and hoped it made sense to share my hell with her.

Grabbing my arm, we sprinted across the crowded lunchtime sidewalk to the Chicago Museum of Modern Art. Dodging the usual pedestrian crowded sidewalk, we ran up the hot white stone stairs to the glass covered entrance. Entering the cooled lobby with summer tourists milling everywhere, we settled into the dining room and I whispered almost out of breath, “Rashid has left me.”

Settling into the seat opposite, she leaned forward in silent rage. The reply arrived short and angry, “I knew that little creep would do this. I’m damn glad. Good riddance” She began arranging the linen in her lap before the infamous glare, “Don’t tell me you’ve been on a binge and calling off work”.

Aisha knew me well. She also knew my dark handsome ex-lover. We three attended Chicago Colombia University and it was love at first sight for me. I moved into his apartment just a few weeks after we met. Five years after graduation, his family business took him away from me most of the year. Busy with my own career my illusions persisted about “that wonderful someday” when we would marry and have children. That was not to be.

Over lunch with Aisha, I began relating my sad tale about Rashid’s midnight call. He was not returning to Chicago as planned. A childhood friend had stolen his heart and they had married. I timidly shared with Aisha the worst part of my story. I told him that I was pregnant and he ended the call.

My meeting with Aisha reassured me of her support. But my drinking continued and days later, I looked into the mirror again. The alcohol induced swelling changed my features. The guilt took charge reminding me that I had a little life growing in my belly.

Weeks later, I told Aisha over dinner my decision to keep the baby. Struggling to bring something good and positive into my life I decided to journal about my passage to healing. I wrote about my pain, the loneliness, the hate, anger, and sense of deep betrayal. I took a leave of absence for eight months. Four months later the abyss gave way to sunny days again. My journaling became a novel and by the time my young one arrived so did a best seller.

I named that book after her and dedicated it to Aisha. Each time I look at my little girl’s face that mirrors the dark handsome features of Rashid I smile. Because that brief painful time gifted me with a glorious new life and a new friend and daughter, a new career as a marketer and a bestseller.

When new authors ask me how to survive those awful searing moments of pain that threaten to destroy their muse. I always tell them that when creating prose it empties the soul of its pain and frees you to live the joy that always follows. And sharing is also a good marketer for your work.

We at ChapterSee would love you to share with us those moments of truth when your gift of creativity helped heal a painful time.

It is Back to School

The Chattahoochee in the Fall

Cooler days and carnal autumnal colors announce the awaited freedom for author moms to return to the business of composition. New school clothes and the scent of just bought supplies bring to mind comforting images from the art of Charles M. Schulz and Norman Rockwell. Lonely playgrounds come alive with youthful exuberance welcoming resumption of school, friendships, and the sharing of another waning summer’s events.

For many authors who happen to be mothers, the passing summer filled with family fun was also a time to curate memories for new stories. They are precious memoirs for new creatives saved for quiet moments. The inviting empty rooms filled with still afternoons invite the author to compose again. However, many authoresses spend their days working outside the home. They discover their muse within a few stolen precious moments on trains, planes, and buses or in the quiet of evening hours after a long day.

When we think of today’s busy mommy writers, our recollections go immediately to the most famous, JK Rowling and Anne Rice. They are part of different generations of mothers possessing the genius of creating captivating stories. Some profess that their children fueled their writing genius. The interesting dynamic of whether one or numerous progeny contributes to a better writer is up for closer examination. Some hold the view that there must be a limit to one offspring to achieve success as an author, says an article published in The Atlantic.

Of course, the ponderous of successful women writers with greater numbers of progenies refutes that premise immediately.

American Pulitzer Prize winning novelist Jane Smiley has three children and two stepchildren. Her response to that question is that children help in the creative process. JK Rowling and Pulitzer Award winning author Maya Angelo were single moms. They struggled while producing award-winning creatives in poetry, bestselling books, scripts, 12 Academy Award nominations, a Tony Award, and a Presidential Medal of Freedom. The great love of their children and their contribution to the quality of their work serves as testament, there is a unique quality in authors who happen to be mothers.

Consider this. Some mothers will express ambivalence. Ideologies on what composes a great mom vary greatly. Add our own self-assessments the list grows. Motherhood is never easy no matter the number of offspring. Authoring is a fulltime job. An author logs in countless hours to produce their great works of wonder.

Let me share the following tips that may help:

1. Create a dedicated space that is a no man’s land for everyone except mom. Keep it sanctified and free from intrusion. Make it clear that the family interrupts your work for emergencies only and clearly define the worthy crisis.

2. Keep the door closed during important calls while keeping it slightly ajar at other times indicating mom is at work. Redefine often what interruptions constitute an emergency. That should be easy…you are a writer.

3. It is very hard to broker publishing deals or communicate with your editor when you are bouncing a fussy babe in your lap. If possible, hire or procure a babysitter when these calls are scheduled.

4. When dinner is done remind family members that you are entering your sanctuary and are not available during your prescribed hours.

5. Your sanctuary should be inviting and personal.

Motherhood is an amazing gift and in every generation, new writer moms come to be. The creative outcomes from this love and needful collaboration are priceless. The exciting miracles of authoresses, who seem to blend the winning formula of being a mother and writer, always seem to happen.

We want to know what you think at ChapterSee.

The Future of Video Promotional Content Holds Real Promise. by Barbara Cerda for ChapterSee

canstockphoto5982381 emarketing While debating on the how to or which promotional avenues work best in transporting your masterpiece into the realms of a digital rock star, consider this. Creating episodic videos to promote your book(s) can propel your bona fides as a high-ranking author and a New York Times bestseller.

Like forecasting financial markets, you want to judge performance; will video marketing tools deliver success? That path to ascension must demonstrate what is needful to be a trendsetter now and in the future. Maximizing your advertising efforts and dollars into promotional overdrive should be your top priority. Although, America and United Kingdom followed by Europe still hold the lead in purchasing power of digital devices, these sectors in emerging economies show trending healthy growth and future increases in usage and sales. An amazing expansion in growth of digital content is in EU, Middle East, and Africa or the EMEA. This is where global marketers have found their focus…and so should you. Incorporating videos into your eMarketing efforts safeguards your place in an expanding universe of new readers.

What does the world hold for writers who become thought and imaginative digital disruptors?

We all look daily for new and exciting content to highlight our days. Avid consumers of innovative writing are growing and so are the numbers of Indie writers and authors. To garner an ever-increasing readership, they are making of themselves superstars by way of social media. Successful authors are using the most powerful software available in becoming digital disruptors…the mind.

As the ultimate software processor, our brains absorb information faster when bombarded with appealing sights and sounds. New digital marketing applications designed to spark interest through videos is a phenomena that is expanding throughout digital marketing cultures. Leading the pack in the myriad cosmos of social media are the tried and true favorites that have had time to mature and become test proven. Favorites like Instagram, Youtube, Bing, Facebook, and Google (Alphabet) own unlimited resources fed by public money. They will gobble up the market share of social media users and marketers of the future. They have become the constant innovators and continue to adapt into a perfect biosphere for hawking books and content. They are also a prime place to keep an eye on what is current and new in video software and appliances.

Most applications for creating and editing videos are free or at a small cost to download. Coupling press releases with a 60-second video can boost sales by 54%. Although, collaborating with professional VNR (Video News Release) can be costly. Taking a few days to acquaint yourself with applications that make learning the process easy is worth the time. A few of the more popular ones is iMovie, Pinnacle Studio Pro, Kinemaster for Android, Movie Edit Touch, and Quik are features for Instagrammers. All are free or available for download at a nominal cost. An important scalable feature is that they are suitable for anyone with pics and videos sloshing about on their iOS devices. Look to the eMarketing giants who own organic growth and have the resources to hold their lead.

Facebook looks to retain its dominance in social media by promising to keep updating trademark applications like Instant Articles. Google is experimenting with in-Search Engine Results Page (in-SERP) for video advertising. Another feature of these applications is that they play friendly with universally popular web hosts and content management systems like WordPress. This enables social media participation and the sharing of promotional costs.

Coauthoring is growing in popularity.

Authors and digital marketers are collaborating on large and small content projects. The willingness to share varied writing style, language, skills, and genre preferences are creating content partnerships. They are helping in redefining digital promotional futures. Large projects like epic novels to short stories in fiction and nonfiction, authors are collaborating while sharing a title and promotional costs.

You own the power of words that will hold meaning in the digital world now and in the far future.

No matter your eMarketing choices, they must provide ease of tracking, be scalable across mobile devices, and be agile, engaging, and responsive. Video promotion checks all the boxes as one of the best promotional tools. Because of its nimbleness and unlimited growth potential, it also offers the best ROI (Return on Investment).

This is the first in our conversations on video promotions for books. ChapterSee cannot guarantee success in using this amazing tool but we welcome commentary and feedback on user experiences.


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An amazing turn of global events is happening in the Euro Zone that is threatening to infect the world. Germany and her first female Chancellor Angela Merkel, is leading the efforts in economic reform in Europe. The only woman currently serving on the G8 second only to Margaret Thatcher is leading the charge that will fundamentally shape the solutions that will prove antidotal to the financial contagion that threatens a global recession. The Bundesrepublik Deutschland has become the voice of reason and substance in a European world of budding chaos and monetary want. Chancellor Angela Merkel has stood her ground and refuses to bend to quick fixes in the face of the decisions needed on how to monetize Greece and eventually Italy; an advent that few predicted a generation ago. Nor will she retreat from her stance on the moral hazards of issuing the Eurobonds with certain liabilities. It is hoped that Eurobonds and Chancellor Merkel may be the antidote to financial contagion that threatens global economies.

The issuance of Eurobonds or blue bonds is receiving split reviews amongst the players in the Euro Zone. The final decision would have the potential of acting as a global stimulus fund. Many have named this debt instrument debuting in 2013 as the “stability bonds”. Its created purpose is to sustain and make balance an economically unstable climate for investors and governments. In consideration of its impact as an instrument of debt, it will be issued in euros as a joint obligation of the 17 participating Euro Zone countries. Its biggest critics’ voice concerns of the absence of credible common governance.

As a progressive concept in monetization its lack of consensus is a result of a need for a central debt office, which is not the domain of the ECB. The primary mandate of the European Central Bank is to maintain price stability or to keep inflation low (2%) within the states of nations. The ECB does not function like our Federal Reserve. Our FOMC governs monetization in a homogenized political and financial culture.

Consensus is split over the concept of joint liabilities, which is divided into three versions within the green paper, detailing its guidelines. Chancellor Merkel struggles to narrow the crucial gap, creating a convergence of ideologies. It will mean a change in treaties or adaptations in how sovereigns may fiscally self-manage.

Diversification of the Euro Zone is more than just its charm, it is their Achilles heel. Chancellor Merkel’s largest fear is that a joint debt with shared responsibilities will only encourage some Euro Zone countries to shirk their obligations in correcting deteriorating governance and fail to institute better fiscal discipline. A case in point would be the recent unsustainable cost of borrowing money for the Italians. Presuming to borrow at such a rate, essentially on preconceived future value as a nation, is inconsistent with the actualities of having the ability to repay. Others in the world have sided with Chancellor Merkel in her unwillingness to quickly embrace Eurobonds. Making this final decision is daunting. In addition there are the private sector investors to consider.

Germany is insisting that the insurance companies, banks and general private sector investors must share in the losses resulting in the Greek bailout. This is a progressive leaning concept that has garnered some outspoken opposition from within the Euro Zone. It was part of the original agreement of the ESM (the European Stabilization Mechanism).

The Eurobonds must contain scale of maturities. The issuance is still unconstructed and the enforcement of conditionality among stakeholders is necessary. Yet perhaps Germany’s Chancellor Merkel’s antidote to the financial contagion will create the needful outcome

He Tried to Steal the Color from Our Rainbow by Barbara Cerda for ChapterSee

Sometimes in the ordinariness of our lives, routines become daily rituals. The rituals never prepare us for when a beloved is ripped forever from our arms. Seared with immeasurable pain our souls have no words to express the agony. On June 12, 2016, one man carved from our lives 49 spirits. They were children, mothers, and lovers that defined many lives. Murdered because of the way they loved. The derisive label of “Other” has yet again found its home in a horrific reality of death and carnage. They lived as lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender. But did not wear the accepted label of “Straight”.
A man visiting his nightmare on the world labeled himself a “radical Islamic.” He used a religious ideology to justify taking their lives. Amidst laughter, music, love and friendship partygoers were too busy with the warm safety of the familiar ambiance of close friendships to notice the evil specter of death. The monster in disguise melted easily into the partying tribe.
Although this young monster was born in Queens, he reminds us of how our weapons laws can shelter evil. The lack of gun regulations that enables almost everyone the right to buy high-powered weapons became, on warm Florida night, a weapon of mass destruction.
We can write and journal to the world the tragedies brought on us by our lack of will to control tools of death. Nevertheless, there is an underlying horror that reveals a tragedy visited because of our need to use derisive labels for humans that we deem abnormal …thereby offering some the means to sanctify destruction.
There comes the understanding that our culture thrives under a collective embrace of “isms”. This realization makes journaling truths very hard. No longer should we point a judgmental finger at foreign terrorists. We grow them as well. Our social construct that allows the hate and marginalization of “Others” offers justification to those murdering through self-hate and becomes part of our daily lives.
Animal spirits that generate our antipathy and hatred for the “Others” fuel global financial markets, economies and the outcome is the loss of innocent lives. The culture of “Others” owns no particular race, ethnicity, or religion. Yet it has caused 65 million people last year to risk death and flee their homes. On the other hand, on a warm night in Orlando it has destroyed the lives of 49 innocent LGBT nightclub merrymakers and their families for generations to come.

Every day journalists and writers often create content and storylines about evangelists enraptured in romantic ideologies about the right and wrongs of race, religions, and sovereignty. It is only through understanding and love that we can stop labeling our fellow humans as “Others”. The insanity of viewing people as not part of our societies pervades the constructs of our social policies, our economics, and our foreign exchange. It is idiocy to think that there will never be another Orlando. Not as long as a monster is enabled to mass murder without emotion, using a weapon that sets him apart from his own humanity.

The Orlando Monster was a man who openly sought religious ideology to cloak a personal nightmare of insanity.

It is a global thing…this exploitation of “Others”. Marginalization based on religion, skin color, sexual orientation, crosses borders and shares heated political rhetoric. It fuels our cultures since its beginnings and usurps rights while demanding fellowship to preset life paths. We want blind adherence to how and where to worship, who and how to love.
The cultures that are constantly fueled by separatists’ words of hate sometimes lies beyond the prose of hard-hitting journalism and enticing stories. Like vermin hiding under a rock, we must reveal its intent to make war and destroy. There are no greater weapons than love and acceptance .
This should become the raison d’etre of all writers. ChapterSee

Is a writer’s’ raison d’etre inherent or created?

Call it a penchant, talent, gift, or raison d’etre the difference between a good writer and a person that creates a compelling read doesn’t always come with a formal education. But can a formal education be that something that can awaken the hidden promise? Or simply be the supplier of the tools in making a chosen craft more employable. The percentage of award winning writers hailing from schools with good or excellent communication curriculum varies across genres. We would be hard pressed to prove that a Pulitzer Prize winning story was the result of an expensive education – although it may help. Could a professor educate passion into an ardent student and give birth to a Pulitzer epiphany?

“I felt that I had to write. Even if I had never been published, I knew that I would go on writing, enjoying it and experiencing the challenge.” – Poet Gwendolyn Brooks

She wrote 75 poetries and was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for her poem Annie Allen. Gwendolyn Brooks attended Wilson Junior College in Chicago where her family moved during the great migration from the south. She like many writers of that time was unable to attend top tier schools yet gifted to the world some of the greatest literary works. Her poems moved the hearts of a nation and earned her many literary awards. Gwendolyn Brooks did not learn writing skills from a top tier school. But her body of works opened the door to becoming a celebrated professor within the halls of leading universities.

I met her a few years before she left us. The encounter found me only able to repeat utterances of gratitude while she offered a brilliant smile and warm words of encouragement. Later she sent a small autographed book that I still treasure.

“I cannot and will not cut my conscious to fit this year’s fashion…” Lillian Hellman, May 19, 1952

Lillian Florence Hellman was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, she studied only two years at New York University and attended a few classes at Columbia. Yet celebrated for generations as a supremely gifted and best known playwright and writer. She was most impactful as a playwright. A few of the most notable were the Broadway hits The Children’s Hour, later brought to movie screen and The Little Foxes that also became an award winning screenplay. My favorite was Julia. Her prose was compelling and still stands as a beacon to what can be achieved in creative writing.

Anne Rice, born Howard Allen Frances O’Brien became the most read author of all time with over 100 million copies of her works sold worldwide. Known as an American gothic writer she received her education from San Francisco State University. She expresses her craft in several pen names. To name just a few, Ann Rampling in Exit to Eden, A. N. Roquelaure in the erotica series Release of Beauty and Anne Rice for the populace Vampire Chronicles. Her works have been adapted for big screen and television. From tales of the supernatural to Christian literature. Her large body of candid and imaginative literature have crossed cultures and generations. We can’t say that her education resulted in her lifetime of award winning works.

Yet many stellar authors can also proudly wear the school colors of top tier universities.

George Raymond Richard Martin (born George Raymond Martin) and better known as George R.R. Martin or GRRM is currently best known for his literary work A Song of Ice and Fire. The novel was adapted for television in the popular HBO series Game of Thrones. I became a fan in the 1980’s with his writing contributions in the television hit series Beauty and the Beast.

He attended the prestigious Northwestern Illinois University in Evanston. Graduating summa cum laude, one year later he earned a master’s degree. His long lists of awards and work include scriptwriting, editing, comic books, screenplays and a creator of mystical works that rival Tolkien.

There is a thread common to award winning writers of all genres. It presents itself as a brilliant translucent notion that is weaved into compelling whimsy and contemplative literature. Not all writers choose to create. Some find their genii in becoming a supreme editor. They rework storylines and help bring to life compelling narratives or political satire. Another writer may feel better suited as a brave journalist dedicated to bringing light to the world. The one common theme is that they possess the overwhelming need to express and create in letters. They make whimsy that breaks through the common morass of life.

The one compelling message that our most celebrated writers give us, is that a formal education does not guarantee a successful author. The incredible genius of storytelling, imagination, communication and the conveyance of the reader to another realm is inherent.

Whether a top tier school like Evanston’s Northwestern University or a more common place of teaching like Chicago’s Wilson Junior College, formal educations supplies the writer with needed time to explore their craft. It offers important feedback in how to grow while furnishing a rich laboratory. These institutions teach authors how to package their work while making important collaborations.

A good education gives a writing god the time to discover while tailoring their own unique style. There are many wonderful tellers of stories waiting to be explored within ChapterSee.

Imagine being all things to all people

Imagine in your business that you have become all things to all people. That would be amazing, but not part of any reality that we know. Yet that is exactly the desire most clients have when they create proposals for the perfect digital writer.

In today’s global commerce community, businesses compose long wish lists of employee tasks. Here is where you learn how not to throw away an excellent opportunity to earn a new client base, while becoming exceptional. Here is where owning a limited expertise can become irresistible. Welcome to BCSContent’s home to enticing digital content. One of the most important components of building today’s businesses is the ability to become website nimble. Sometimes success in becoming the next internet star may mean that we burden our capacity to deliver. Consider this.

Do not lose valuable time or money turning down promising contracts just because you may lack time, skill set or an eMarketing component.

Take for example. A very good customer has a new project that requires a content subject skill you do not have. Loosing this client’s business or their trust is not an option. In presenting, a less than stellar proposal can ruin future opportunities. There is no time to attend your local training camp, and that can be very costly. Rather envision the idea of expert collaboration. Before you move forward in this thought, first evaluate your professional strengths and weaknesses.

Strengths are your specialty and with proper composition, that specialty will become your brand. For now establishing that trademark as a writer or business owner may need additional skills. Once defined let this moment be the catalyst for definitive change in the way you conduct business. As a content maker, reach out to author and writer networks. Coauthoring has become one of the most innovative products in this new digital age. If you are looking to a writer to enhance your online profile or product, be open to suggestions of more than one author bringing a new skill set to your website.

Staying nimble creates important outcomes when considering content maker collaborations. Consider this.

 It creates needful time off to tend to family concerns or to meet deadlines.
 A successful blog or website requires strong updated and relevant content.
 It is important to stay mindful that constant communication to all project stakeholders is important.

No business or partnership can succeed without trust and the inherent comfortable sense of reliability. As content makers and users, BCSContent will help in achieving your goals.

Use BCSContent digital content to brand your one of a kind style and product.

This is What we Do

As a perspective, I explore the thoughts and focus of current economic and business leaderships that shape conversations. They are the influencers that steer the consciousness of current market trends. Then I translate those views and opinions into business prose or website content.

BCS blogs capture concept driven content. I will not fill your website pages with platitude-overloaded articles that will not reach your targeted market(s). Because the majority of us require fresh enjoyable articles…the kind that explains to the world what we do, in the simplest of terms.

It becomes the luxury of understatements that expand our imaginations on specific focal points. It is an intimate familiarity of various disciplines that is required, in order to present simple and concise reads. Too much content can obscure the central thought.

The ability to own exceptionally written communication is necessary when working independently or as a team. I have created and developed content as subject matter expert from global economics to science and medicine. I look forward to contributing to your content projects.