Are Our Banks Buying the Lead in Global Politics?



A national poll revealed that 64 percent of Americans understand that an ever expanding government is the biggest threat to the country. Just 26 percent believed that big business is the biggest threat. Yet investment bankers like Kolbert Kravis and Rogers are looking for bargains in Euroland. While deleveraging is the new vogue, American bankers are furthering their claims to a new economic sunrise that will hold future political sway in Europe.

Lack of regulation or an overseer to protect the investor was a primary cause of the market crash of the late 1920’s into the 1930’s. As a result, two southern Republicans devised the Glass-Steagall Act. Designed in 1932, it would shield the average investor and make clear the definition of a “bank”.

Then came the birthing of the FDIC

The advent of the FDIC was part of reforming and defining lending terms. This created regulations on the how a bank may do business versus a non-bank, its chief tenant. Banks were not allowed to place customer funds into high risk high yielding investments. Conversely investment firms were not allowed to act as banks. During the Clinton administration, the banking and investment industry was deregulated. Fast forward to now. The so-called “spicier fixed incomes” is now the term of choice when investing in risky sovereign bond markets (Southern EU).

How we have legislated or litigated ourselves out of economic turmoil speaks to how we are viewed according to world opinion.

The “one percenters” are still expanding their inequality beyond our shores taking lower income investors with them.

In the progressive monetary era, the economy was in its adolescence and the task was to control it. Today the economy is middle-aged; the task is to rejuvenate it. During the early days of progressive measures that drove the need to regulate – today we’re busy finding ways to regulate less. Our social programs and educational programs are costly with little return on taxpayer investments.

Given the state of global economic and political turmoil, are our banks taking the lead or buying policy.

There are Eight Million Stories…and there is Indiebooksbeseen

evenings found families gathering around the TV to enjoy good stories.

The magic of a black and white image of Hollywood film noir set in New York portrayed a weekly pop culture television series, the Naked City. The prime time series ended each episodic installment with the phrase, “There are eight million stories in the naked city. This has been one of them”.

During that time, the markets craved well-produced storytelling and a young network television kept low salaried content makers busy. It was left to writers’ guilds and unions to serve as writers’ activists.

Today there are millions of stories yet to tell of the digital age of writing and of its economic importance. Often independent writers must navigate the labyrinth of the digital publishing world alone. Indie book activist Indiebooksbeseen has become more important than ever in helping authors to achieve their goals.

Millions of readers seek novels that supply prose meant to stimulate, comfort and inform.

Market makers like understand the importance of the independent bookmakers and eBook sellers. In 2014, indie novelists contributed a sizeable portion of the giants almost $74 billion of total revenue. Content has once again assumed its rightful place on the throne.

Working the magic of eMarketing requires skill, passion…and most of all time.

The world of digital marketing is vast and a focused effort aimed at a targeted audience requires persistence and singleness of thought. The completion of a book is a major accomplishment. Marketing that important work is the most valued part of the journey to becoming a successful writer. Scores of writers unable to procure traditional publishing or find self-publishing preferable discover the difficulties in promoting their publications. Indiebooksbeseen is an important place to begin.

Indiebooksbeseen offers the power of an aggregate with the single purpose of promoting future bestsellers. Leveraging smart labor in the fast moving digital age is important. Every moment counts when attempting to reach millions of new readers and fans. Positioning your promotional efforts by utilizing the brilliance of Indiebooksbeseen is necessary. It is an essential tool in your growing arsenal to successful outcomes in bookmaking.

Why Indiebooksbeseen?

Indiebooksbeseen is an exclusive and inclusive cloister created for independent novelists.

Why ChapterSee?

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The pathways to successful bookmaking and its distribution merely begin with the act of publishing. No matter the genre, discovering the marketing channels that best brands your work is a fantastical journey and a new beginning.

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Cathi Parrish

On-Air Host, KOST Radio (business partner) Mid Day On-Air Host at K-Wave 107.9; Morning On-Air Host at K-Wave Las Vegas 98.1 (remote); VO Professional

“Barbara Cerda is a strategic thinker in matters of business. She is focused with a clear vision of the goal.”February 27, 2013 

Mid Day On-Air Host at K-Wave 107.9; Morning On-Air Host at K-Wave Las Vegas 98.1 (remote); VO Professional

Barbara Cerda is a strategic thinker in matters of business. She is focused with a clear vision of the goal.

February 27, 2013, Cathi was with another company when working with Barbara “Bobann” at AMRO Services Company


Carl Branco


Insightful and concise; Barbara has been a valued contributor to our projects for many years. Her innate capacity to see the big picture through the weeds of data and articulate the message is a value to any organization. We look forward to future collaborations with Barbara.

Pina Di Pietro

Account Manager Travel/Events Industry

Working with Barbara over the years has made me grow accustomed and appreciative of her honesty and writing talents. Not only has she always exhibited an active interest in my business needs but her inputs on projects have always resulted necessary. While often wading through subject minutia, she calmly respects opinions when edits are required. Her dependability in quality is a valued contributor and I plan to again benefit from her talent in my future endeavours.

Water is the Most Important Biochemical in Attaining Beauty.


I wrote this article a long time ago. Each year I am reminded how important H2O is to the body and mind.

Our skin is the largest organ of the body. It is our first line of defense and with proper hydration ensures our health. It is important to learn and become part of the beautiful culture of water.

Often ignored in our culture, water is important to attaining and keeping beauty. Constantly feeding and renewing the microscopic organelles of our cells it is the fundamental biochemical. Water is the most important supplier of an endless and reliable rejuvenation.

So captivated are we by the unattainable aesthetic values offered by modern day beauty merchants. We ignore the fact that water is the natural underlying contributor to preserving firmness in connective tissue. Hydration keeps the integrity of healthy skin glowing in a way that no makeup or product can mimic.

The trend in chasing cosmetic cures is in finding a system that will deliver the appearance of tightened and youthful skin. Its successes lie in the use of natural renewable resources and the absence of invasive therapies. Yet good hydration of the underlying connecting tissues is the major advocate of the appearance of firm skin.

Water to oily skin is like sunshine to a flower.

For many of us it may be the challenge of maintaining a healthy balance to over active sebaceous glands or oily skin. Consider that good hydration to oil producing cells is necessary to balanced skin. The lack of proper H2O deliverance to oil producing cells will cause them to overproduce.

Rid the surface of dead cells to reveal a renewed surface.

Another treatment for skin imbalance is chemical peels; this method debrides the problematic top layer of skin to reveal new dermis. Dermal injected fillers can aid in binding hydration to the skin.

A surprising cure for acne is rehydrating skin fully.

Acne, wrinkling, dryness, oiliness, dull and sagging skin are all substrates of the underlying absence of an optimum intake of water. Hydration allows the cells of our bodies to do the work they are designed for. Hydration of cells allows for rapid flushing and elimination of buildup in toxins, which encourage dull skin pigmentation and dark circles. Wrinkling and sagging skin becomes smooth when the complex network of vessels that feed muscle and collagen are hydrated.

The many hopeful paths to maintaining good skin are numerous; the promise of hydration in beautiful skin remains inarguable.

The Land of HOPE


On January 16, 2015, a predawn chill settled over an urban setting as if fashioned from a Hollywood film noir. First shift employees were about their business in the country’s busiest airport. Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson was already bustling with early morning travelers. Lively cacophonies of the happy chatter of concession stand attendants and visitors filled the brightly lit receiving areas. Steaming cups of latte warmed the hands of people scurrying to board curbside courtesy vans, waiting vehicles and noisy cabs. There was an unmistakable buzz in the air in anticipation of the first full day of the HOPE Global Forum 2015 in Atlanta.

President Bill Clinton and Atlanta’s son Ambassador Andrew Young were the keynote speakers at the event. A collection of noted and gifted friends from all over the world, spoke as one in their focus on HOPE.

The OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) panel opened the forum. The panel discussion was hosted by Head of Multidimensional Country Reviews at OECD noted Jan Rielander. He held to rich discussions amongst an august panel who called for grass root remedies to global income disparities. Thought filled arguments reasoned the monetary and fiscal whys of overhauling global socio-economies while offering their remedies.

Facts presented from the Oxfam’s study on the prosperity disparity in advanced nations were sobering. Whether from South Africa or New York the collective of economic leaders spoke as one in expressing the need for all governments to make permeable the social membrane dividing income classes. It has grown into an agitated discussion that has become increasingly part of the global debate.

From HOPE to Davos

Brilliant blue skies served as a backdrop to majestic snow draped mountain peaks. A gaggle of hope-filled billionaires’ gathered in luxurious surroundings in a small Swiss Alpine skiing village. Financial and fiscal market makers from the world’s richest commerce participated in numerous paneled discussions about the state of global economies. Many attendants voiced an unadulterated mood of global economic optimism. Yet conversations that included IMF Managing Director Madame Lagarde centered on the mandate that that there must be redistribution of global wealth, for the sake of sovereign growth and survival.

It was discovered that a new debate on financial inclusion must exclude the rancid discourse defining this human condition…rather it should explore the what, when and where to remedies.

What should corporations and banks do to distribute quickly and efficiently money to communities in need.

When the debating ends the work of rebuilding economies of the poor should begin.

The growing surge of the poverty-stricken and the unemployed is a reality. The important framework of reconstructing the economic constructs that have trapped many in impoverishment must begin now.

Wherever the social economics refuses to mirror the plight of poverty should endure deep and lasting change.

It has taken generations to arrive at where the global economy is today. It will take generations to change the false self-perceptions of being and doing without.

In order to quickly assuage income disparities there must be Social Investment

The percentage of the globe living in crushing poverty is trending up. Middle-income families, the staple of the post WWII economy, are rapidly shrinking. Economists and wealth mangers agree that this is the dark reality of a looming global economic crisis, affecting everyone.

The great challenges that accompany the disparity in wealth distribution are not merely a moral hazard. The subject has become a mandate for social investment. Corporations as well as governments must devise methods of higher wages and availability of applied educations that serve economic growth. This uplifting of the impoverished should not only be mandated to underdeveloped nations. Rather advanced economies that have the appearance social awareness should assume the lead.

The fastest rode to economic self-destruction for any sovereign is to allow its populace to become too poor to contribute to its country’s well being. Nations’ resources can only survive and excel when its human capita has the ability to work and contribute to its trade and commerce. Without that money flow – liquidity traps emerge. A prime example of this is the struggling economies of southern countries within the Euro zone.

It is neither Keynesian nor Friedman economics. Equal distribution of wealth is common sense economics. It allows banks to grow, it allows countries to participate in lucrative fair trade agreements, and more important it assuages civil unrest.

The subject of the next OECD Global forum in Paris 2015 is “Responsible Business Conduct”.