Soul of the World By David Mealing


Published by: Orbit Books


This is an epic and deeply ambitious read. Military battles and the politics of civil war come to life in a fantasy world filled with magic.

Marching to the mantra of Liberté égalité fraternité

The great reveal in this story is the wealth of battle theaters. Strategic scenes bring to mind the time of the 47 Ronin, the French Resistance during WWII, the US Civil War echoes a call to arms for, liberty, equality, and brotherhood. It is a reminder of humanity’s need for warfare that goes unaltered. But this telling of war also includes love and betrayal that accompanies magic.

The concept of tethering a leyline to bind paranormal powers is a fascinating concept. Also, the acquiring of spirit powers from slain beasts is an almost forgotten legacy from the original tribes of earth. Even to the contrivance of words like Trithetic pulls this reader to thoughts of the commonality of religions that dot humanity’s history. Each chapter of this book effortlessly explores the diversions between opposing cultures while magic seems to be the binding force.

The transition from chapter to chapter and the development of storyline was, for me, extremely enjoyable. It kept this reader wondering how the main drivers of the tale could eventually come together and become heroines and hero. I felt the disappointment at the loss of friends and fellow soldiers. I laughed at the ribald in your face language from wine laden lips.

My Favorite Characters

Chevalier-General Erris D’Arrent is a fictional embodiment of strong character and bravery. She has the qualities we’ve come to love in superheroes.

Steeped in the old tried and true traditions of his tribe the Sanari Guardian Arak’Jur is my second favorite character. Putting aside the pain of loss and war, he learns how questioning the unquestionable becomes an important tool for survival.


Three must fight. Three must die. Three must rise

This novel is about a fantasy world that finds its fated path darkened with civil war. The journey is also about the politics of court intrigue, love, and death. But soldiers and the resistance yearning for a renaissance are fighting in an enchanted world where magical shamans speak truth from gods. Streets and sewers run red with blood. And tribal guardians assume the power of the animal spirits they slay.

Evil takes residence in the hearts of the oppressed in the cities of the Gands and Sarresants. Three women from divergent cultures define the outcomes of this war between good and evil in a fantasy world in the grips of a fight that may never end.
Who among the gods will survive and who among men will ascend to the Veil. Their weapons of choice are warding spells, binding powerful magic and the power of spirit guides.

Main Characters

Sarine Thibeaux is a street artist inhabiting the slums call the Maw. A freebinder, she possesses innate and rare abilities. Inside her lies a hidden secret that will change and save her world.
Chevalier-General Erris d’Arrent is a military fullbinder. Born to a blacksmith and trained by the military, she becomes a formidable commander and leader of her world New Sarresant.
Arak’Jur is the Sanari Guardian leader. He embodies the strength of his tribe and is the protector. His leadership balances the wisdom of the seer the Ka or shaman with the spirit powers of the beasts he slays.
Llanara is the ambitious young Sanari woman. A betrayer and once the lover of the Guardian Arak’Jur, the forbidden evil of the gods twist her mind and heart.

Critique: David Mealing work is as ambitious a tale as sand worms and desert planets. It is a long read….but well worth the journey. Finely edited, the transitions and development of characters was spot on. Not just a good read….a must read.

Genre: Adult Fantasy Adventure, violence and war

I rate this 5/5 stars

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