The Many ways to say love for Writers and Publishers’ Holidays

Christmas in Chagrin Falls

Red cardinals paired on snow-laden branches. Winter blows making dancing snow swirls. Red noses are filled with scents of cinnamon and mulled wine, filling cold air with warmed recollections of love. We hear favorite Yuletide carols and long for the romance of fireside light. And beyond windowpanes, winds howl while delivering its thick coat of white.

When the weather outside grows cold writers become like kittens. Our favorite places to create become the warmest safest spaces to be, to read and to write. Add hot coca and warm comfort foods and the spell of holiday enliven our imaginations. North Pole residents return with a hint of presents waiting for discovery. No matter the language, at holiday time authors find nuggets of life to write about. And in any native speak writers as children make wish lists too. Here is a few you may want to whisper into Santa baby’s ear.

MS Surface Studio and its smooth clean lines makes cuddling up in a comfy nook that much easier. But don’t stop in just creating clever and artful prose. This powerful tool is also a place to create masterworks. Beware. Using this marvelous machine can become addictive.

Interaction Technology has become a very important part of our daily lives. We wear it and use it to track our every function. We converse with it. The coming of Siri and Alexa has placed us on a path of obtaining important assistants in our endeavors at composing eloquent content. They have an infinitely expanding skill base with future enhancements that will mimic conversation, what better gift to discover under the Christmas tree.

Adobe Premier Pro CC 2017
From Adobe support, comes introductions of their newest and cleverest software innovates for 2017. What could be finer than a Christmas gift that can bring your work to new levels of enjoyment and proficiency?

Collaborating using Team Projects is a hosted service for CC enterprise. This software offers users collaborative features designed for content professionals. You can share editing features and enhance scalability while scheduling workflows with shared projects. It keeps us agile and supports mobility.

New VR Support satisfies your yearnings to see your prose and characterizations come to life. Meet VR workflow also in Premiere Pro for 2017. The technology of stitched equirectangular video to overlay imaging and enables you to edit content while viewing the results. Yeah…too cool I know. This is a very powerful virtual reality tool.

Expanded Destination Publishing enables publishing of your newest masterpiece directly to your business portfolio…seamlessly. You will want Adobe Media Encoder CC. Target all of your favorite social media with video or digital content like Behance, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. Destination publishing offers a quick delivery of content to fans, publishers, or employers.

The holidays are also a time for contemplating how to share your creatives.

Independent publishers and authors are becoming game changers. Perhaps the most thoughtful and useful gift an author can received is airfare to join the annual mass migration to New York for the 2017 Book Expo. This is a wonderful opportunity to reveal your craft to the appreciative.

Growing power in independents who are creating and self-publishing is a major force in literary communities. Maintaining the most current in tools will meet the growing demand for sparkling content. No one should be caught off guard by the eruption of success being seen in the small and independent publishers and producers of craft.

There are many ways to say love for the holidays. Whatever amazing pledge of devotion you find in your festive stocking. It is always wonderful to remember the love.

Share your holiday season stories and questions with ChapterSee.

When Writers’ Broken Hearts become Good Marketers.


A week passed and the booze and seclusion did little to stop the pain that stole my sleep and kept the tears flowing. The sudden loss of my friend, lover, and partner seemed more than I could handle. I thought all was good and right with my world. A great job with a global media marketer, a boyfriend I thought loved and wanted to marry me. Then the door to my dreams suddenly slammed shut leaving me staring into a black abyss. Stark fear and hurt took hold of my senses. There was a desperate need for solace.

Interrupting her busy workday my best friend Aisha responded immediately. I knew she heard all reason abandoned in my shaky voice. Friends since grammar she rearranged her schedule to meet me the next afternoon for lunch. Staring that morning into the bathroom mirror, I tried to calm my nerves enough to apply makeup to hide the dark circles and swollen eyes. The face staring back at me affirmed a struggling recovery from a week of constant booze and too little food. Dulled senses, a stomach churning, and I was throwing up twice a day.

We met on Pearce and Michigan Avenue. My mass of highlighted coils hung over red-rimmed eyes. I knew I looked awful as she suddenly appeared with a hug. I smiled into her beautiful face and hoped it made sense to share my hell with her.

Grabbing my arm, we sprinted across the crowded lunchtime sidewalk to the Chicago Museum of Modern Art. Dodging the usual pedestrian crowded sidewalk, we ran up the hot white stone stairs to the glass covered entrance. Entering the cooled lobby with summer tourists milling everywhere, we settled into the dining room and I whispered almost out of breath, “Rashid has left me.”

Settling into the seat opposite, she leaned forward in silent rage. The reply arrived short and angry, “I knew that little creep would do this. I’m damn glad. Good riddance” She began arranging the linen in her lap before the infamous glare, “Don’t tell me you’ve been on a binge and calling off work”.

Aisha knew me well. She also knew my dark handsome ex-lover. We three attended Chicago Colombia University and it was love at first sight for me. I moved into his apartment just a few weeks after we met. Five years after graduation, his family business took him away from me most of the year. Busy with my own career my illusions persisted about “that wonderful someday” when we would marry and have children. That was not to be.

Over lunch with Aisha, I began relating my sad tale about Rashid’s midnight call. He was not returning to Chicago as planned. A childhood friend had stolen his heart and they had married. I timidly shared with Aisha the worst part of my story. I told him that I was pregnant and he ended the call.

My meeting with Aisha reassured me of her support. But my drinking continued and days later, I looked into the mirror again. The alcohol induced swelling changed my features. The guilt took charge reminding me that I had a little life growing in my belly.

Weeks later, I told Aisha over dinner my decision to keep the baby. Struggling to bring something good and positive into my life I decided to journal about my passage to healing. I wrote about my pain, the loneliness, the hate, anger, and sense of deep betrayal. I took a leave of absence for eight months. Four months later the abyss gave way to sunny days again. My journaling became a novel and by the time my young one arrived so did a best seller.

I named that book after her and dedicated it to Aisha. Each time I look at my little girl’s face that mirrors the dark handsome features of Rashid I smile. Because that brief painful time gifted me with a glorious new life and a new friend and daughter, a new career as a marketer and a bestseller.

When new authors ask me how to survive those awful searing moments of pain that threaten to destroy their muse. I always tell them that when creating prose it empties the soul of its pain and frees you to live the joy that always follows. And sharing is also a good marketer for your work.

We at ChapterSee would love you to share with us those moments of truth when your gift of creativity helped heal a painful time.

Imagine being all things to all people

Imagine in your business that you have become all things to all people. That would be amazing, but not part of any reality that we know. Yet that is exactly the desire most clients have when they create proposals for the perfect digital writer.

In today’s global commerce community, businesses compose long wish lists of employee tasks. Here is where you learn how not to throw away an excellent opportunity to earn a new client base, while becoming exceptional. Here is where owning a limited expertise can become irresistible. Welcome to BCSContent’s home to enticing digital content. One of the most important components of building today’s businesses is the ability to become website nimble. Sometimes success in becoming the next internet star may mean that we burden our capacity to deliver. Consider this.

Do not lose valuable time or money turning down promising contracts just because you may lack time, skill set or an eMarketing component.

Take for example. A very good customer has a new project that requires a content subject skill you do not have. Loosing this client’s business or their trust is not an option. In presenting, a less than stellar proposal can ruin future opportunities. There is no time to attend your local training camp, and that can be very costly. Rather envision the idea of expert collaboration. Before you move forward in this thought, first evaluate your professional strengths and weaknesses.

Strengths are your specialty and with proper composition, that specialty will become your brand. For now establishing that trademark as a writer or business owner may need additional skills. Once defined let this moment be the catalyst for definitive change in the way you conduct business. As a content maker, reach out to author and writer networks. Coauthoring has become one of the most innovative products in this new digital age. If you are looking to a writer to enhance your online profile or product, be open to suggestions of more than one author bringing a new skill set to your website.

Staying nimble creates important outcomes when considering content maker collaborations. Consider this.

 It creates needful time off to tend to family concerns or to meet deadlines.
 A successful blog or website requires strong updated and relevant content.
 It is important to stay mindful that constant communication to all project stakeholders is important.

No business or partnership can succeed without trust and the inherent comfortable sense of reliability. As content makers and users, BCSContent will help in achieving your goals.

Use BCSContent digital content to brand your one of a kind style and product.

Discover Your True Value as an Author


A nexus of cross-purposes is a ghostly presence that haunts all writers. It is their commonality.

True and accurate quantification of bookmakers is rare. How do you estimate the real value of an author’s abilities? Nevertheless, creating fiction or nonfiction is a needful requirement in every industry. Gifts of “word-smithing” create new worlds and can reshape common values. Faced with the dichotomy between marketing their works at true value while acknowledging the mediocrity of economic realities… authors must choose. There needs be food on the table, rent and mortgages to be paid, and lifestyles to maintain.

I read an article recently about acknowledging contributions of writers’ to the actual return of investment in marketing. Considered more a liability than an asset, rarely are writers valued in their support to successful campaigns.

An author’s talent for conveying ideas in words is a promotional asset. Their contributions should not appear as a liability on an accounting ledger. It is a necessary tool in achieving successful marketing outcomes. The same holds true in how an author places value on his/her own work. No one can properly compensate a gift. Nevertheless, everyone should place the highest value possible on novelists, and that starts with you the author.

Achieving the proper return on your investment of time and creativity is a needful challenge, one you should never ignore. Social network sites like ChapterSee are not only a smart ROI (Return of Investment). It is a common sense approach to achieving a writer’s or publishers’ literary success.

When mentioning ROI I am referring to not only the actual monetary investment in marketing and promoting, but also the economic term “opportunity costs”. This takes into consideration the hidden expenditures of time spent in researching material, editing and efforts taken away from employment pursuits. Authoring a book contains great intrinsic values. Nevertheless, recognition of your work can only become a revelation to readers by way of aggressive promotion and smart pricing.


This nascent digital era can garner respectful fans from all over the world. Only through proper channels and funnels of high traffic sites, can you achieve fair compensation for your undiscovered abilities. They help in creating your brand.

Amazon makes 83,000 online sales every 60 seconds. YouTube users upload 72 hours of new video every minute. A remarkable social network dedicated to the magic of imagery and a wonderful space to advertise book covers. Pinterest users repin over 3,000 images per 60 seconds. To throw another impressive number in the mix, daily global usage of the internet has grown to 2.4 billion people. Note the word “grow”, because internet usage is developing into an organic medium for communication.

Claim your market share.

Over the top exposure of your book cover, will garner sales. Book promoting social networks help in personalizing the author and his work. ChapterSee can help you grow in reader popularity while creating your own niche. It expands the opportunities to sell your work at its true market value. Hawking your titles at a fraction of their worth has unintended consequences.

Lowering costs for books have a ripple effect that flows throughout the literary community. It reduces the compensation point for all writers, especially those who have yet to attain recognition. There are avenues to self-promotion that require meager to none marketing dollars for independent writers and publishers. It requires your own creative input and attention to details. Author and publisher niche sites attract readers.


Website networking communities like ChapterSee can offer a huge helping hand to achieving literary recognition. Marketing budget or no, it takes time to build a dedicated customer base. This is where social media and network communities specific to authoring can save a lot of money and time. ChapterSee tracks web traffic, mimics larger digital marketing giants and brings them to you, then directs your readers to the sales link.

It is a very needful thing to post your work on, Barnes and Noble, and the like. Nevertheless, when you add your literary treasure to their pile of millions, it becomes impossible to be noticed in a sea of images. You MUST put niche social networks first in your marketing toolbox.

Displaying your cover on author and publishers’ social networks like ChapterSee increases your exposure to potential buyers that become repeat consumers and subscribers to your brand.

BCSolutions commitment to you

28341_393847322204_179155717204_4311487_2918479_n-002 will receive assigned Project Agreement prior to accepting a detail statement of work. The completed and signed form can be faxed or emailed. A hardcopy of the signed agreement must be mailed the next day.

As our Business Associate you have the choice of delivery mode for completed work. The resulting delivery fee will be applied to the final cost of project.

Hourly rates are billed in thirty minute increments after the first hour. A minimum of one hour will be charged on all work that accompanies a faxed and signed agreement

Work requiring shorten time frames to completion of 24 hours or less (as well as Holidays and Sundays) will incur an additional service charge.

An additional service charge will be billed for all work received after 5 p.m. CST (unless notified 3 hours in advanced).

A turn around time to completion is 48 hours in most standard administrative projects. All other projects requiring additional time will be stipulated differently in the “agreement”. This will be according to the details contained in our “work agreement”

All projects require a 50% deposit of the total agreed upon amount. This amount is payable prior to commencing work.

Retainer agreements are available and must be received signed two weeks prior to onset of first project. Payment is due on the 15th of each month.

Reduced rates on services are available with retainer agreements

As partner in our successfully completing your project, we require Business Associates to approve the accuracy of work and contents upon completion of project, prior to final payment. will not be responsible for loss, damage, or delay in delivery of finished projects due to natural disruptions, computer virus and/or circumstances considered beyond our control. Nor are we liable for content of material.

Payment terms can be negotiated.


Keeping it Real When Writing Whatever…

lazarus2Our self-criticisms often run deep – to the casual observer. In my estimation, I have the tendency to be preachy. But then again I come from a family filled with ministers.

Now there is nothing wrong in sermonizing. Rather it helps in making your subject read real. Imagine yourself standing behind the pulpit in front of an assemblage of churchgoers as your web audiences. Their starry eyes look to you for their weekly dosage of preaching(s). This is a good way to learn how to deliver straightforward and rewarding content. Take heed it is important not to overtly sermonize when writing text meant to instruct or motivate a reader. You want the casual observer to understand or come to your way of thinking – but in doing so keep it real.

The article does not have to be written entirely in common lingo. Rather it should reflect your knowledge as a SME.

There are times when you must insert word usage that is bound only to the industry your words are serving. Every business has its own speak, its singular and distinct words that relate to the commerce. That is bespoke writing when the content addresses the professional discipline of the audience. Keep them captive because that is where you will discover the riches in niches.

When you find what you know best. Explore your own style of content that will deliver what suits best a blog, speech prep or eBook.

I love the saying “If you build it they will come”. It belies so much false optimism, because if it has no value they will not come back. So… the same goes with creating content that fails to address – reach, satiate the need of the observer to know or be amused.

It is ok for an SME or content creator to be preachy, just keep it real when writing whatever…

Do you not agree?

China’s Modus Operandi to Create Captivated and Motivated Project Stakeholders


canstockphoto19595397 bankingWith acknowledgement and deep appreciation for those economists that embrace the concepts of rolling oligarchies. We should note China as the biggest of players in these socio-economic systems. Her continued business growth and expansion within BRIC peers is unprecedented and stands as a reluctant model for how successful projects can emerge. Government controlled Chinese businesses enhance its GDP through wealth generators beyond their borders. They do this by practicing old proven methods of sound project management.

When China owns an intimate understanding of how a targeted government behaves in response to local socio-economic issues. It reveals that sovereign’s strengths and weaknesses. This opens the door for China to ensure future successes in business exploitation.

As a project manager when constructing a knowledge base of the external and internal dynamics, you track their affect on your targeted business niche. This keeps you ahead of competition and successfully meeting benchmarks. It is all in how you use this knowledge while anticipating your clients’ future business behavior. Capitalizing on those responses that lay hidden from casual observation is where China excels. This brand of business conduct offers an alert project manager a unique opportunity to shine.

If your client’s business is dependent on the availability and/or price of raw goods – become acquainted with their peripheral sources. Monitor market movements and be prepared to hedge any future agreements based on your expanding knowledge. Like all countries – every business houses strengths in natural resources and weaknesses in supply and demand. This is also useful in creating hedge opportunities when using trendsetter models and predictors.

China uses underdeveloped bio-diverse hotspots as hedging tools for its global expansion needs. This type of commerce building, housed within struggling economies, serves as one of the best models to gain supremacy in the business of project management.

For example, a current Chinese project dictates an outcome of an integrated Southeast Asia, and continued growth of its influence in South African. These struggling economies find that Chinese businesses continued use of the Yuan fundamentally changes their country’s economics. The nations that compose Southeast Asia and South Africa are bio-diverse hotspots and emerging markets. Use of China’s Yuan contributes to the devaluation of their domestic currency. China’s socio-political and local marketing strengths increase. They gain a captive and increasingly dependent audience of consumers.

Your growing list of successfully completed projects becomes by proxy your personal currency. In creating smooth transitions, debuts, generational upgrades your brand of project management usurps the competition, you create a captive customer base.

When leading small or large projects – a one-size fits all approach only lessen the chances of success. Worse, it creates a project manager that leads in mediocrity. Learning to read market fluctuations that are crucial to your client base creates in you “controller of data wealth”. This behavior captures the imagination of C suite policy makers.

If your client sells flat screen TVs then you should track market behavior of businesses that produce light emitting diodes. Go a step further and investigate chemical firms that drive the largest market share in synthesizing AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) a plastic formula used in trending technologies. The price of raw goods dictates bottom line health. Monitor global pricing and the regional geopolitics that affect production of raw goods.

Your ability to anticipate changes to supplier pricing and/or demographics will not only ensure successful project outcomes. It will offer you the opportunity to share information that may hamper your clients’ success in meeting its business obligations. You will find that motivated customers will repeatedly defer to your project leadership. More importantly, this knowledge defines you as a SME. Your portfolio of project leadership skills will grow diverse.

A mindset of diversification and knowing your market should be part of your business mission.

Knowing what drives and regulates your clients’ commerce is arguably one of the most important skills in keeping ahead and anticipating thereby creating a growing list of successfully completed projects.

While seemingly disparate, these anecdotes reveal a project lead model that mimics China’s modus operandi in realizing its global business ambitions. It is a commerce model in how to create captivated and motivated project stakeholders.