The Many ways to say love for Writers and Publishers’ Holidays

Christmas in Chagrin Falls

Red cardinals paired on snow-laden branches. Winter blows making dancing snow swirls. Red noses are filled with scents of cinnamon and mulled wine, filling cold air with warmed recollections of love. We hear favorite Yuletide carols and long for the romance of fireside light. And beyond windowpanes, winds howl while delivering its thick coat of white.

When the weather outside grows cold writers become like kittens. Our favorite places to create become the warmest safest spaces to be, to read and to write. Add hot coca and warm comfort foods and the spell of holiday enliven our imaginations. North Pole residents return with a hint of presents waiting for discovery. No matter the language, at holiday time authors find nuggets of life to write about. And in any native speak writers as children make wish lists too. Here is a few you may want to whisper into Santa baby’s ear.

MS Surface Studio and its smooth clean lines makes cuddling up in a comfy nook that much easier. But don’t stop in just creating clever and artful prose. This powerful tool is also a place to create masterworks. Beware. Using this marvelous machine can become addictive.

Interaction Technology has become a very important part of our daily lives. We wear it and use it to track our every function. We converse with it. The coming of Siri and Alexa has placed us on a path of obtaining important assistants in our endeavors at composing eloquent content. They have an infinitely expanding skill base with future enhancements that will mimic conversation, what better gift to discover under the Christmas tree.

Adobe Premier Pro CC 2017
From Adobe support, comes introductions of their newest and cleverest software innovates for 2017. What could be finer than a Christmas gift that can bring your work to new levels of enjoyment and proficiency?

Collaborating using Team Projects is a hosted service for CC enterprise. This software offers users collaborative features designed for content professionals. You can share editing features and enhance scalability while scheduling workflows with shared projects. It keeps us agile and supports mobility.

New VR Support satisfies your yearnings to see your prose and characterizations come to life. Meet VR workflow also in Premiere Pro for 2017. The technology of stitched equirectangular video to overlay imaging and enables you to edit content while viewing the results. Yeah…too cool I know. This is a very powerful virtual reality tool.

Expanded Destination Publishing enables publishing of your newest masterpiece directly to your business portfolio…seamlessly. You will want Adobe Media Encoder CC. Target all of your favorite social media with video or digital content like Behance, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. Destination publishing offers a quick delivery of content to fans, publishers, or employers.

The holidays are also a time for contemplating how to share your creatives.

Independent publishers and authors are becoming game changers. Perhaps the most thoughtful and useful gift an author can received is airfare to join the annual mass migration to New York for the 2017 Book Expo. This is a wonderful opportunity to reveal your craft to the appreciative.

Growing power in independents who are creating and self-publishing is a major force in literary communities. Maintaining the most current in tools will meet the growing demand for sparkling content. No one should be caught off guard by the eruption of success being seen in the small and independent publishers and producers of craft.

There are many ways to say love for the holidays. Whatever amazing pledge of devotion you find in your festive stocking. It is always wonderful to remember the love.

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A Writer’s Holiday Retrospect with Lillian – by Barbara Cerda for ChapterSee


Blended family tables hold the greatest wealth of prose rich in storylines and tales that mirror the diverse human condition.

The holidays have passed leaving us with new memories of the common familial conversations that center on a mixture of personal politics and daily living while visiting our dinner table. These festive times always leaves in its wake a cornucopia of tales to be told. To me it conjures up images of the authors that ignore the dogmas of the season, preferring to forego the festivities while the world endures its celebratory throes. It is within these times that the genius of Lillian Hellman comes to mind.

Images of a half smoked cigarette dangling from purposeful lips and a bottle of bourbon with a half filled tumbler standing close on a table holding an old typewriter.  It is all about the story.  Lillian Hellman’s characterizations came alive.  The clacking of the typewriter dictated the scenes of plays, dramas, love stories that became a clarion for adoring fans to renew memories that became the staff of life. The tools of the writing trade have changed but not the imagery of word smiths fashioning a story.

The atmosphere of holidays brings out the best and the worst in human nature.  The buffet of emotions serves up an abundance of writing material.  We enjoy the old habits of reminiscing of what was and of the hopes tucked away in mind drawers of what could have been. These images spring to life as if just the proximity of shared bloodlines provokes their emergence. The common nuances that compile ordinary life were fodder for Lillian Hellmann novels and plays.  They are Norman Rockwell mages brought to life in words. Hellmann’s iconic works are recollections and emotional impressions painted in relief with prose. Perhaps the most beloved scenes and characterizations were of her own memories of friend Julia.

From a scene in her screenplay Julia, Lillian’s description of seeing her childhood friend after a long absence describes perfectly a breathless emotion that made an observer a participant. In just a few words she made us understand the complexities of the relationship that cloaked the bond.

Lillian Hellman was a master at creating stories subscribing to the human peculiarities that were fed by popularized dogmas, making them our memories.

Scenes in smoke filled crowded cafés and posh late night dining rooms with mirrored walls flaunted views of the gay after theater crowds. It was those “putting on show” that produced the cacophony of laughter and cheers. Dressed in ball gowns and bespoke tux.  Cigarettes hung from full red lips and bejeweled fingers caressed martinis. Lillian Hellman belonged to this magical time when writers lived the adventure and were the main characters in their accounts. Celebrity writers were bigger than life, grander than the characters in their novels.

To me Lillian Hellman is the epitome of a writing culture where the abilities to relate human emotions in the most undeniable terms was supreme.  Minus the modernity of technology there existed the raw talent to tell a captivating story.


Now it is your turn to recollect the conversations and activities that filled the days of your holiday season. These are the moments that offer writers the greatest gifts of burgeoning content and immensely rich storylines. The tales of two cities came to dinner, hung bells on holiday boughs, and met up to catch up on what had passed in your absences.

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