The Sublime Logic of Tariffs by Barbara Cerda

Tariffs are like emotional relationships.

Whether married to mutual political ideals or just hanging tight with each other. Tariffs can mirror the quality and trust in relationships between countries. It examples in friendly politics between two sovereigns, as with Canada and the US. And like BFF moments, good tariffs foster fair and beneficial trade relationships that can support balanced economies and political maturity.

Of course, having common borders is the sweet spot.

NAFTA alliances share borders, language, fosters easy migration of labor forces and seamless integration of products and services. Born over time such economic relationships like this thrive. But then heartbreakingly examples like Brexit challenges that premise.

Even to the most ambitious finance/economist the relationships that energize tariff agreements is complex.

It’s true. We owe China a lot of money. So, give thought to the reasonings in how sublime satisfaction in negotiating good trade deals in exchange of goods and services, is a mighty influencer to how you do business. Think Shades of Mid Continental Nail.

If you’re a goods producer reliant on the smallest alterations in price of off-shore raw goods or exchange rates. This behavior deviance will change your bottom line or unit price increases to customers. Also consider this. Contractual agreements governing digital services are altered when mirroring exchange rate conversions that govern cross border intellectual property partnerships.

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