There are Eight Million Stories…and there is Indiebooksbeseen

evenings found families gathering around the TV to enjoy good stories.

The magic of a black and white image of Hollywood film noir set in New York portrayed a weekly pop culture television series, the Naked City. The prime time series ended each episodic installment with the phrase, “There are eight million stories in the naked city. This has been one of them”.

During that time, the markets craved well-produced storytelling and a young network television kept low salaried content makers busy. It was left to writers’ guilds and unions to serve as writers’ activists.

Today there are millions of stories yet to tell of the digital age of writing and of its economic importance. Often independent writers must navigate the labyrinth of the digital publishing world alone. Indie book activist Indiebooksbeseen has become more important than ever in helping authors to achieve their goals.

Millions of readers seek novels that supply prose meant to stimulate, comfort and inform.

Market makers like understand the importance of the independent bookmakers and eBook sellers. In 2014, indie novelists contributed a sizeable portion of the giants almost $74 billion of total revenue. Content has once again assumed its rightful place on the throne.

Working the magic of eMarketing requires skill, passion…and most of all time.

The world of digital marketing is vast and a focused effort aimed at a targeted audience requires persistence and singleness of thought. The completion of a book is a major accomplishment. Marketing that important work is the most valued part of the journey to becoming a successful writer. Scores of writers unable to procure traditional publishing or find self-publishing preferable discover the difficulties in promoting their publications. Indiebooksbeseen is an important place to begin.

Indiebooksbeseen offers the power of an aggregate with the single purpose of promoting future bestsellers. Leveraging smart labor in the fast moving digital age is important. Every moment counts when attempting to reach millions of new readers and fans. Positioning your promotional efforts by utilizing the brilliance of Indiebooksbeseen is necessary. It is an essential tool in your growing arsenal to successful outcomes in bookmaking.

Why Indiebooksbeseen?

Indiebooksbeseen is an exclusive and inclusive cloister created for independent novelists.