Water is the Most Important Biochemical in Attaining Beauty.


I wrote this article a long time ago. Each year I am reminded how important H2O is to the body and mind.

Our skin is the largest organ of the body. It is our first line of defense and with proper hydration ensures our health. It is important to learn and become part of the beautiful culture of water.

Often ignored in our culture, water is important to attaining and keeping beauty. Constantly feeding and renewing the microscopic organelles of our cells it is the fundamental biochemical. Water is the most important supplier of an endless and reliable rejuvenation.

So captivated are we by the unattainable aesthetic values offered by modern day beauty merchants. We ignore the fact that water is the natural underlying contributor to preserving firmness in connective tissue. Hydration keeps the integrity of healthy skin glowing in a way that no makeup or product can mimic.

The trend in chasing cosmetic cures is in finding a system that will deliver the appearance of tightened and youthful skin. Its successes lie in the use of natural renewable resources and the absence of invasive therapies. Yet good hydration of the underlying connecting tissues is the major advocate of the appearance of firm skin.

Water to oily skin is like sunshine to a flower.

For many of us it may be the challenge of maintaining a healthy balance to over active sebaceous glands or oily skin. Consider that good hydration to oil producing cells is necessary to balanced skin. The lack of proper H2O deliverance to oil producing cells will cause them to overproduce.

Rid the surface of dead cells to reveal a renewed surface.

Another treatment for skin imbalance is chemical peels; this method debrides the problematic top layer of skin to reveal new dermis. Dermal injected fillers can aid in binding hydration to the skin.

A surprising cure for acne is rehydrating skin fully.

Acne, wrinkling, dryness, oiliness, dull and sagging skin are all substrates of the underlying absence of an optimum intake of water. Hydration allows the cells of our bodies to do the work they are designed for. Hydration of cells allows for rapid flushing and elimination of buildup in toxins, which encourage dull skin pigmentation and dark circles. Wrinkling and sagging skin becomes smooth when the complex network of vessels that feed muscle and collagen are hydrated.

The many hopeful paths to maintaining good skin are numerous; the promise of hydration in beautiful skin remains inarguable.