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Sweet-Home-Chicago-062-001.jpg book and money canstockphoto5938664Welcome to ChapterSee where writers, publishers and book lovers of all genres come together.

Whether you are a veteran writer with a prolific bibliography, or creating your first masterpiece, become a ChapterSee member. Our mandate is to market your book(s) across social web platforms. Publishers are welcome to promote or connect with new talent.

As a place for book selling campaigns, ChapterSee offers a no fee venue for your book(s). Successful web based book marketing must be driven by well-defined goals for creating author fame, not memberships. In our promise to maintain a no cost promotional site, we do not distract from the important tasks of promoting your work with offers of widgets and contests. We merely ask that you submit suggestions and feel free to ask questions.

In reviewing current and outdated book distributing vogue we also pay close attention to what is new in future promotional trends. Then we present your work to its most important source to success…the reader.

As a new member, you are required to create strong compelling profiles that include book blog links. It is our way of insuring that viewers of our website will learn more about the authors.

The focus of ChapterSee is to create a place where authors can shamelessly plug their books. Becoming a sensation in the publishing community is all about successful mass marketing. Expanding your web presence requires repeated imagery of cover art. Upload quality book imagery to wet the imagination of readers and fans. It is that easy. Whether of fiction or non-fiction ChapterSee uses all the available distribution channels to display your book.

Most important are those that feed our craft, the readers. They are always a welcome addition to our community of writers and publishers.

We invite our readers to peruse our generous library to find the newest in storytelling. The Amazon link to each author’s-buying page offers immediate purchasing power. Booklover participation helps to keep our stories alive. We strongly encourage our fans and members to share their favorite book companions and authors with others.

As a free promotional web platform to authors and publishers, ChapterSee should be a necessary marketing tool in any authors’ arsenal of title branding and recognition.

You have done the work. Let ChapterSee help with the heavy lift of promotion. Our mandate is to help you sell your book(s)!