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The pathways to successful bookmaking and its distribution merely begin with the act of publishing. No matter the genre, discovering the marketing channels that best brands your work is a fantastical journey and a new beginning.

Global readership sees to your book(s) first on ChapterSee; before Amazon.com and other global super-market makers.

Adding value to what you offer requires a strong committed relationship. As in a labyrinth, a bookmaker or publisher must successfully navigate the digital maze in order to win a place as a bestselling or market-making publisher. The goal is to reach that magical virtual pinnacle. It beams hope that we will garner legions of faithful booklovers. Attaining this feat in the publishing world merely requires skills, some earned and some captured. Liken to a virtual game, it means winning at each level. Successful publications need the assistance of a digital navigator or ChapterSee.

Publishing success does not always require paying penance in time and marketing dollars.

ChapterSee does not replace your publishing campaign; it will give you a competitive advantage. We blend our social network model to your eMarketing recipe, resulting in a consistency of purpose…the success of your book(s). To this end, there is no greater importance than attaining a space within the virtual corridors of Amazon.com’s clever shopping mall.

Amazon.com is a marketing monster whose economy is larger than a small country. Its most important mandate is to sell everything to everybody in the world. The mighty behemoth is unsurpassed in enabling global consumption of published works. Nevertheless, keep in mind that there is no magic beacon shinning its virtual light to that place on the digital shelf where your book sits in its niche, waiting for discovery. In an Amazon retail department store world filled with refrigerators, clothing and all things “goods”…you must fight to get a share of readers’ attention. The casual booklover looking to satisfy a particular adventure or information source may bypass your compelling cover.

Obtaining your share of the billions of dollars that Amazon annually garners from readers requires the help of someone who knows digital marketing. This is where ChapterSee becomes important. Highlighted daily your profile and publications reach a captured audience looking for the newest releases within your genre.

It begins with the collective at ChapterSee. This is an important networking source for bookmaker and publishers’ digital activism.

Built within a powerful network of digital channel pathfinders Chapter See is your beacon to successful publishing.